The college football offseason is going to be a little bit easier for fans this season as the new EA Sports college football video game is coming out over the summer. NIL was able to save the game and now players can choose whether or not they want to be in the game. The game will not include real head coaches at first, but Ole Miss football head coach Lane Kiffin wishes that it would.

College football players that opt into the game will be getting $600 and a free copy of the game, but head coaches will not be in. Ole Miss football quarterback Jaxson Dart has opted in, but having Lane Kiffin in the game with him would be the full experience. Kiffin already makes millions being the coach of the Rebels, and he just wants to be in the game.

“I would let them do it without any deal,” Kiffin said, according to an article from On3. “I would just let them do it.”

At the end of the day, a big part of it comes down to recruiting for Kiffin. He knows that all football lovers are going to be playing this game, and he wants to be in the game because of that. He thinks it can help Ole Miss recruiting.

“The kids like to play it,” Kiffin added. “When they’re picking the team, you would want recruits to play with the coach. My brain thinks about ‘What would help in recruiting?’ If you did pay me for that, I wouldn’t want it. I’d want you to put it into our NIL.”

It sounds like Kiffin has the right mindset about the game. As the head coach of the Ole Miss football team, he has plenty of money. He isn't thinking about himself when it comes to the game, he is thinking about what would be best for the Rebels.