Otto Wallin believes Tyson Fury is the one preventing his fights from coming to fruition.

Fury hasn't competed since December when he TKO'd Derek Chisora in their trilogy fight. The WBC champion was expected to fight Oleksandr Usyk in a title unification bout since with plans for it to take place earlier this year.

Once those talks broke down, there was another attempt to make it for the end of the year in Saudi Arabia. However, that also looks to have broken down with many in the sport frustrated by Fury's lack of inactivity and the general difficulty involved in dealing with him.

Wallin — who lost to Fury in 2019 but notably delivered a brutal cut above the Briton's eye during the fight — is only an outsider looking in.

But with that said, he, too, feels Fury is the one to blame given how difficult he is to work with as well as how often he contradicts himself.

“Now, I'm not involved in these negotiations that he's dealing with, of course, but if you look from the outside, it seems like Fury is playing around too much and making everything more difficult,” Wallin told Rekatochklart (via Boxing Scene). “He (Fury) is surely difficult to work with; he contradicts himself all the time on Instagram and in interviews. To me, it seems like Fury is the one who's the problem.

“Usyk, whom he was supposed to face, already has a match; he's going to fight Danny Dubois in August. Fury still hasn't boxed – he fought against Derek Chisora in December, he could have easily had at least one fight already and defended his title. But he hasn’t. He keeps saying that he has tried to set up fights with everyone, but no one wants to fight him. I don’t think anyone believes him when he says that. He seems very difficult to work with if I’m being honest. I think he’s the one throwing a spanner in the works for himself.”

With Fury potentially facing Francis Ngannou next — in what is rumored to be an exhibition match — he is unlikely to do himself any favors with the boxing world.