The Green Bay Packers made a splash in free agency after acquiring Xavier McKinney at safety. And from the sounds of it, Jordan Love played a factor in McKinney's decision to join Green Bay.

While talking with the media, McKinney praised Love and called the Packers quarterback “elite,” according to team beat writer Matt Schneidman. Teams need a solid quarterback to win in today's NFL and Xavier McKinney believes Jordan Love is the man for the job.

“You need an elite quarterback to be able to even have a chance and I believe he is an elite quarterback.”

Love looked the part last season after replacing Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. The first half of the season was a bit of a bumpy ride. However, Jordan Love went off in the second-half of the season and eventually led the Packers to a playoff win over the Dallas Cowboys. He finished his 2023 campaign with 4,159 yards, 32 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions.

Green Bay hopes to build upon its successful season as they have a chance to challenge the Detroit Lions for the NFC North crown. So, it makes sense for Xavier McKinney to join the Packers and help them defensively. McKinney signed a four-year $67 million contract with $23 million guaranteed this offseason.

The Packers should be one of the better teams in the NFC next season. They have a plethora of talent on the offensive side of the ball and the front office has done a great job maintaining a solid defense.