Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers still awaits his desired trade to the New York Jets. In the meantime, Rodgers is shopping for healing crystals that maybe he believes will manifest the trade, reports TMZ sports.

Rodgers was spotted at Topanga Rocks Wednesday, a crystal store located in Topanga, California. He was seen leaving the store with a small bag, and just like his future, uncertainty clouds whatever the 39-year-old quarterback purchased.

The Rodgers, Jets trade talk has been the darling of the NFL media this offseason, hitting a fever pitch when Rodgers announced his official intentions to play in New York. Of course, this was just his desire, not an official announcement of a trade.

Since his declaration, news surrounding a trade has stiffened, as the Jets and Packers remain in a stalemate in negotiations. The Packers are undoubtedly asking for quite a haul for the future hall-of-fame quarterback, and the Jets are clinging to reservations in giving up too much for a quarterback nearing the end of his career.

For Rodgers, there is little for him to worry over, as he has firmly placed the matter in the hands of administration. Judging by his recent trip for crystals, Rodgers looks to be solely focused on his individual pursuits.

As the offseason progresses, the entire NFL world anticipates eventual reports of an official Aaron Rodgers' trade to the Jets. In the meantime, the star quarterback will continue his spiritual quest, potentially reaching out to higher forces and asking for a trade to come to fruition sooner rather than later.