The Green Bay Packers fell 24-21 to the San Francisco 49ers in brutal fashion on Saturday night.

Packers quarterback Jordan Love threw the loss-sealing interception with a difficult pass across the field on first down an with two timeouts remaining.

But before that, Packers kicker Anders Carlson missed a field goal attempt with 3:45 remaining in the game that would have put the packers up 24-17. The 49ers scored on a Christian McCaffrey touchdown just minutes later, but because of the missed kick, that gave San Francisco the lead instead of tying the game.

After the loss, Packers coach Matt LaFleur talked about Carlson's kicking woes, according to Matt Schneidman of The Athletic:

“Matt LaFleur on Anders Carlson, who missed a kick in 10 of the Packers’ last 12 games: ‘I think if we had the answer, we would’ve fixed it.'”

LaFleur went on to elaborate, per Jason Hirschhorn of The Leap:

“Packers HC Matt LaFleur on Anders Carlson: ‘Certainly, he's got to work on the consistency. We've seen him do it, we know what he's capable of, but you got to be consistent in order to last in this league.'”

Carlson certainly needed to hit that one when it counted. As for the Packers kicker, he talked about missing the kick, per Ryan Wood of USA Today:

“Anders Carlson says everything in operation was good on his miss. He had the right line. Just missed the kick, contacted wrong spot off his foot: ‘It’s tough to do to these guys. That’s what hurts the worst. They’ve got a bright future ahead of them, but it definitely hurts.'”

Carlson is under contract with the Packers through 2026. We'll see if LaFleur decides to make a change following the painful loss to the 49ers.