Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur feels the severity of Christian Watson's hamstring injury may have serious repercussions. LaFeleur weighed in on the issue after their 27-19 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on SNF, per USA TODAY's Ryan Wood.

“Matt LaFleur says he doesn't know yet severity of Christian Watson's hamstring injury: ‘His play has really taken off, and I think that's been a big catalyst for our offense,'” Wood tweeted on Sunday.

Christian Watson injured his hamstring while he was trying to catch a ball for a first down early in the fourth quarter. LaFleur didn't have any prognosis on Watson's hammy injury, per Packers beat reporter Bill Huber.

“LaFleur has no update on Watson. Called his second TD catch ‘phenomenal'…'I hope it's not too long. He's a dynamic player. Once he gets going, you guys see the results,'” Huber tweeted.

Christian Watson caught two of quarterback Jordan Love's three touchdown passes against the Chiefs. The Packers second-year wideout caught a nine-yard touchdown pass from Love in the second quarter. The score put the Pack ahead, 14-3.

Watson struck again but with a higher degree of difficulty in the third quarter. He hauled the ball into the end zone with the Chiefs' Joshua Williams draped all over him. Watson managed to keep his feet inbounds with little space to work with. Love's pass had a scant 30.4 percent completion rate yet Christian Watson managed to catch it.

The Packers' Christian Watson has been on a roll 

It's unfortunate Watson got injured just when he was hitting his stride. He caught at least one touchdown pass for the third straight game. Love urged him to remain confident amid his slow start. Watson has done just that in the past few weeks.

Thanks to Christian Watson's resurgence, Matt LaFleur hasn't lost in 16 career games in December. Will LaFleur continue his hot streak against the struggling New York Giants next week?

Here's hoping Matt LaFleur will do that with a healthy Christian Watson on the gridiron.