Cam Newton feels the Carolina Panthers aren't setting up rookie quarterback Bryce Young for success this season.

The Panthers legend shared his thoughts on Bryce Young's situation on Panthers Wire (via On3's Nick Geddes) on Wednesday.

“But from top to bottom, for him, it's not set up for him to be successful – especially not his rookie year, in my honest opinion,” Newton said.

“And, like I said, everything that Carolina is building – will they get to that point? Yes. In throwing him into the wolves and expecting instant success, that's not the quarterback position, unfortunately. What I will say – it's gonna take a season for him to kinda see the preparation, seein' the tempo of the game, seein' just in-game adjustments at its finest,” Cam Newton added.

“We all know any time you're the first pick, that means you're goin' to a s–tty team. I went through it. Peyton Manning went through it. All the No. 1 picks went through it. And in this day and age, it's about who and what you can do right now. But I think when you're dealin' with a talent like Bryce Young, it's the long tenure rather than right-now success,” Newton concluded.

Bryce Young's rough start in the NFL

Bryce Young's NFL career has gotten off to a rough start. Young admitted his NFL debut against the Atlanta Falcons fell short of expectations. He finished the 24-10 loss with an abysmal 15.9 QB rating.

Young was slightly better against the New Orleans Saints in Week 2. He passed for 153 yards and one touchdown in the Panthers' 20-17 loss. Young sat out their 37-27 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3 with an ankle injury.

Cam Newton is right – Bryce Young will take his lumps in the NFL. Although he appears ready to return against the Minnesota Vikings, the outlook seems bleak because of Carolina's recent slew of injuries.