Coache James Franklin has a lot to do in terms of schemes and rotational shakeups. His Penn State football program may have notched a 10-win record but they are still a middle of the pack team in the Big Ten Conference. Not to mention, their loss in the Peach Bowl alerted some needs for better playcalling and execution. The Nittany Lions might start patching those things up but also start recuiting players more. One name that comes to mind is Ty Jackson.

The linebacker out of Seminole Ridge High School in Florida already has a shortlist of schools that he wants to join. Chad Simmons of On 3 named those programs :Tennessee, Florida State, Florida, Miami, Penn State, Georgia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas A&M, and Syracuse. Moreover, these are further narrowed down with the scheduled visits Ty Jackson has confirmed.

So far, he starts his tour on the 31st of May to meet up with Coach James Franklin's staff. There, the Penn State football program will hope into impress him with their offers in terms of fit, rotation, and facilities. Next up, he has Georgia and Florida State which are slated for seventh and 14th of June respectively. This gets rounded out by a final visit to Tennessee on the 21st of June.

All of these other schools are still in play. But, the level of competition in the Big Ten Conference is different. Moreover, the Penn State football program has also been racking up momentum for a national title push in the coming years. If Jackson heads to the Nittany Lions, it would not at all be a bad choice.

What the Penn State football program gets out of Jackson

To put it simply, he is the best linebacker that the recruiting class of 2025 has to offer. This is exemplified by his insane statistcis while playing high school football in Florida. Jackson has 378 tackles with 15 of them being tackles for loss. His eyes also heat up when a lane to a quarterback is presented in front of him. This gives him six sacks, four interceptions, and five forced fumbles.

He does play wide receiver and has gotten five receiving touchdowns. But, that may not be what the Penn State football program is looking for at the moment.