More fire has just been added to to one of the most controversial mergers in sports history. Longtime PGA Tour board member Randall L. Stephenson has formally resigned due to the formal alliance with Saudi-backed LIV Golf.

The deal is “is not one that I can objectively evaluate or in good conscience support, particularly in light of the U.S. intelligence report concerning Jamal Khashoggi in 2018,” Stephenson, said per ESPN.

Khashoggi was a contributor for The Washington Post who was brutally murdered at Saudi Arabia's consulate in 2018 after criticizing their government. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman denied any involvement, but the United States determined he was likely responsible for the execution. Stephenson, who also served as AT&T chairman for 13 years, could simply not condone a partnership with anyone remotely linked to such atrocities.

“I joined this board 12 years ago to serve the best players in the world and to expand the virtues of sportsmanship instilled through the game of golf,” Stephenson's resignation letter read. “I hope, as this board moves forward, it will comprehensively rethink its governance model and keep its options open to evaluate alternative sources of capital beyond the current framework agreement.”

Saudi Private Investment Fund Governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan will have a seat on the PGA Tour board if the merger goes through. There are many people who desperately hope the union will not be finalized, though. Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan had previously denounced Saudi Arabia for the Kingdom's role in planning the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He has been catching the brunt of the blowback after this monumental move was announced early last month.

Monahan has been dealing with an undisclosed medical issue for the past few weeks but will resume duties on July 17th. Stephenson's resignation, though, sends a loud and clear message that the public, and maybe even the PGA, remains firmly divided on a pact with LIV.