With WrestleMania only a few weeks away, WWE is locking down matches for their biggest event of the year. Some matches have been in the works for months, while others have been put together on the fly. One match that feels like it's been put together on the fly is Bray Wyatt vs. Bobby Lashley.

Before Lashley's match with Brock Lesnar at Elimination Chamber, Wyatt said that whoever wins their match should run. Lashley ended up winning the match by DQ, which confused fans. The match between Lesnar and Lashley was pointless and had a very underwhelming ending. Not only that, this result meant that Wyatt would be challenging Lashley to a match at WrestleMania, not Lesnar. Wyatt and Lesnar have a history dating back nearly ten years ago. They've crossed paths before, and fans thought they would once again. WWE pitched this to Lesnar, but he reportedly rejected the idea of feuding with Wyatt.

Since Elimination Chamber, the build to this match has been lackluster. We've seen minimal appearances from Wyatt and Uncle Howdy, and WWE even had a weird Firefly Funhouse segment that left fans scratching their heads even more. After not appearing on television, rumors began circulating about Wyatt and his whereabouts. Despite several rumors being tossed around, the report is that Wyatt is out of action due to a “physical issue.” Their WrestleMania match may still continue, but everything is up in the air now.

If Wyatt can't compete at WrestleMania, WWE needs to find a replacement opponent for Lashley. He's too big of a name to be left off the WrestleMania card and deserves a match on either night one or two. Plenty of superstars don't have matches either, so here are a few of those superstars who can face Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania.

LA Knight

LA Knight doesn't have a match at WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood, and it would be a missed opportunity if it stayed that way. Knight has been captivating audiences, winning himself over with the fans, and putting on solid performances whenever given a chance. It wouldn't take much to set this match up. If Lashley comes out and demands another match, LA Knight can come out running his mouth, and boom, you have your match. The fans love LA Knight, so I believe this match would work perfectly. This most likely wouldn't have a match of the night candidate, but it could surprise the fans. This would be the easiest feud and match for WWE to set up for Lashley.

Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed has been regularly featured on Monday Night Raw since returning a few months ago. Reed was becoming a big name in NXT before he left the company, but he found major success on the indies. Reed is undefeated in singles matches since debuting on the main roster and has competed for the United States Championship in the Elimination Chamber. If WWE wants to continue elevating Reed, putting him in a match with Lashley would be a great idea. This match would be similar to, but better than, Omos vs. Bobby Lashley last year. Although Lashley will likely win, he can still put over Reed and make him look like a huge threat. This would give Reed a prominent match on the biggest stage in wrestling, and it goes well, WWE could give him a solid push post-Mania.

Gunther, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre

After this past Smackdown, it's obvious that WWE will have Gunther defend his Intercontinental Championship against Drew McIntyre and Sheamus in a triple-threat match at WrestleMania. This could potentially steal the show, but WWE can make the match even bigger. On this week's Smackdown, McIntyre and Sheamus will compete to see who is the true number one contender for the IC Title. During the match, Lashley could come out and cause a disqualification. He announces he wants to face Gunther at WrestleMania, leading to Adam Pearce announcing a fatal four-way match for the IC Title at WrestleMania.

This is chaotic and doesn't fit the storyline, but this would still work. WWE adds another big body to the match, giving it a better chance to steal the show. You have four of the best wrestlers in the company going after a championship WWE has been trying so hard to make prestigious once again. If Gunther walks out as champion, this will significantly help him in his pursuit of being a future world champion. Lashley can still look strong in defeat in this match. This would be a win-win for everybody.

I believe Bobby Lashley could face these superstars at WrestleMania if Bray Wyatt can't compete. It probably won't be too long until we get an answer to who Lashley is facing, so we'll have to wait and see what WWE has in store.

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