Prince Harry is keeping his late mother Princess Diana's impact alive. Late last month, the Duke of Sussex met with a group of Diana Award honorees, the only charity that carries the name of his late mother. The Conversations for Change held was between the Prince, global change makers, and youth, per People.

The event host Vee Kativhu shared a short film about the Conversations for Change seminar. She captioned her post, “This conversation was so special and featured global Changemakers and also supporters of youth dotted around the room.”

“We touched on social media, social justice, inequality and how to combat burn out while advocating for the incredibly important topics that many of the youth around the table have dedicated their lives to,” she added on Instagram.

The Conversations for Change meetings have typically been held around the U.K. before, but this was the first time the Diana Award held an event in another country. In California where the event was held, Prince Harry handed four of this year’s Princess Diana Award recipients their certificates before it kicked off.

“One of the things that struck me about even those four — even though they all do different things — was that their stories were really underpinned by the need for change,” Diana Award CEO Tessy Ojo told PEOPLE. “Driving change in inequality, particularly in education. This might be wanting to create better access to various forms of education. So it might be education around employability or education around or better healthcare.“

“Really incredibly, it amazes me how young these young people are and how big the issues they're tackling are,” she said. “On one hand. I hugely applaud them. I also recognize that it also demonstrates the need to pull them into networks much more so that they feel supported because they're carrying huge, huge, huge burdens.”

This California meeting comes after Harry and Prince William appeared in two separate videos for the annual Diana Awards in late June.