When the Las Vegas Raiders delayed quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's introductory press conference, much talk ensued about how there was nothing to see there. But after news emerged that a Garoppolo foot injury led the Raiders to add an addendum to his contract that allows the franchise to release him after a failed physical, that couldn't have been further from the truth.

Garoppolo opted to bypass surgery initially before going under the knife in March after signing the dotted line with Las Vegas.

But the new language in Garoppolo's contract reportedly notes that the veteran QB is “at risk for surgery, loss of motion or permanent disability.”

Clearly, the Raiders have enough concerns about the Garoppolo injury, which will force him to miss OTAs, to include such language in the deal.

This doesn't mean Garoppolo will be released. But it certainly casts a shadow over the Raiders' quarterback room, which is home to backup Brian Hoyer and rookies Aidan O'Connell and Chase Garbers.

No offense, but not exactly names that are going to inspire visions of a playoff run in the minds of Raiders fans.

If push comes to shove with Garoppolo, the Raiders are going to need a plan at the quarterback spot.

Could they coax Tom Brady, who just became a minority owner of the Raiders, to return to the field? Tempting, but it's a scenario that would not come without complications.

Could they look to a free agent, such as Pro Bowler Carson Wentz or Teddy Bridgewater?

Or perhaps the trade market, where San Francisco 49ers signal-caller Trey Lance and Tennessee Titans veteran Ryan Tannehill stand out as potential options.

That's what we'll detail here.

Here are the Raiders' best quarterback options if the Jimmy Garoppolo injury leads to his ultimate release.

Raiders QB options if Jimmy Garoppolo is released

5. Cam Newton (FA)

Newton, 34, hasn't played in the NFL since 2021, when he made his return to the Carolina Panthers.

The former MVP didn't exactly wow fans and pundits with his play, as he threw for just 684 yards with four touchdowns and five interceptions while running for 230 yards and five scores.

But Newton played the previous season under the watchful eye of then-New England Patriots offensive coordinator- and current Raiders head coach- Josh McDaniels.

With McDaniels in his ear, Newton posted the second-highest completion percentage in his career while running for 12 touchdowns, which is more than he recorded during his MVP campaign.

Clearly, the Raiders coach was able to work well with Newton, who announced earlier this offseason that he wanted to come back to the NFL.

Newton revealed a list of teams he'd be comfortable being a backup QB for. Las Vegas wasn't one of them.

But how would he feel about potentially starting for the Raiders? This is a low-risk, high-reward option for Las Vegas, should they need a less costly option at quarterback.

4. Ryan Tannehill (Titans)

This April's NFL Draft was Groundhog Day- again- for Tannehill, who watched as the Titans traded up once again to select a quarterback, taking Kentucky's Will Levis this time.

With Levis, who was thought of as highly as a top-10 pick in the draft, and last year's third-rounder Malik Willis on the roster, Tennessee is clearly looking to get younger at the position.

Could Tannehill, who was benched in favor of Willis during the 2022 season and then became the subject of trade and release rumors, be on the way out?

If so, it is very likely to happen via a trade or release after June 1, given that Tannehill's cap hit would be easier for the Titans to digest.

If the Titans make Tannehill, who has posted a 100.5 QB rating with 89 touchdowns and 33 interceptions in four years in Tennessee, available or release him, the Raiders should pounce.

3. Trey Lance (49ers)

Lance was selected by the 49ers after they surrendered a boatload of draft picks for the rights to draft him back in 2021.

But injuries- and Garoppolo- prevented him from showing the team what he's capable of.

The 49ers definitely haven't given up on Lance, but the fact that they brought in former no. 3 overall draft pick Sam Darnold suggests they are at least hesitant about the dual-threat QB.

49ers general manager John Lynch called the Lance trade rumors “a lot of smoke” back in April.

Lance reiterated his desire to be with the 49ers while speaking to reporters at OTAs.

Plus, San Francisco has question marks at quarterback, with last year's rookie wonder Brock Purdy recovering from elbow surgery.

But if Purdy is healthy and Darnold impresses, the 49ers may be inclined to give a Lance trade some more thought.

The Raiders should pick up the phone if that's the case.

Perhaps a different voice in McDaniels could unlock Lance's dual-threat ability.

2. Tom Brady (Retired, FA)

At last, we have arrived at the spiciest name on this list: Tom Brady.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion retired back in February, this time for good- we think.

But the buzz of a Brady return hasn't stopped, as the talented signal-caller has been linked to the Miami Dolphins and 49ers this offseason.

Now, after his purchase of a minority stake in the Raiders' ownership, rumors of his potential return as a QB for Las Vegas have ignited.

But pivoting to Brady if the Garoppolo injury forces the Raiders' hand would be tricky for a few reasons.

For starters, how much longer can Brady, 46, play football at a high level?

Would he even want to?

Plus, the Raiders would have to dodge all sorts of obstacles from the league- and other teams- if they attempted to have a player on their roster who also doubles as a part-owner of the team.

Brady's winning pedigree and familiarity with McDaniels make him an obvious fit for the Raiders.

But this avenue comes with too many question marks and headaches.

1. Carson Wentz (FA)

Carson Wentz and not Tom Brady?? Brady is obviously the best QB of any mentioned in this list.

But this list is best options for the Raiders, not the best options, period.

And Wentz, who the Raiders would simply need to sign to a contract, is the best blend of ability and ease of acquisition for Las Vegas.

Sure, he has flamed out in both Indianapolis and Washington in back-to-back years.

Yes, he was reportedly not the most welcoming teammate to Jalen Hurts back when he was in Philadelphia.

But Wentz, who made a run at the 2017 MVP award and has quietly thrown for over 22,000 passing yards, 151 touchdowns and 66 interceptions in his career, can definitely play.

Plus, he would come very cheap after his quick exits from the Colts and Commanders.

Wentz is far from perfect, but he is definitely the most sensible replacement if things go south with Jimmy Garoppolo.