Legendary Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald recently announced his retirement from the NFL, and he recently revealed that he hated going against the Philadelphia Eagles, specifically center Jason Kelce, during a conversation on Green Light with Chris Long, presented by Yote House Media.

“Philly. I hated playing against Philly,” Aaron Donald said on Green Light with Chris Long. “Kelce, his little fast a** always ran full — he would snap the ball and run over right now and just, I'm like, ‘bro, you got some good guards, let them work. You don't gotta help them every time.' He's like, ‘I'm not letting you — we're gonna let you ruin the game.' I'm like, every single play now. Every time I play the Eagles bro, I really never really got no one-on-ones. I probably had like one or two during a game and that would be it. If you don't win that one-on-one that time you're done. You're gonna get doubled and triple-teamed for the rest of the game.”

It is interesting to hear Donald's perspective on playing against the Eagles. After he announced his retirement, Jason Kelce made it clear on his podcast that the Eagles would always plan on either double or triple-teaming him, even if it meant other pass rushers got chances. This came after there was much discussion about Donald never recording a sack against the Eagles. It was Kelce making it clear that Donald still made a profound impact on the game, despite not recording a sack against Philadelphia.

Kelce also announced his retirement this offseason, and based on the comments from him and Donald, it is clear that the two have a great amount of respect for each other. Both are sure-fire hall of famers.

Aaron Donald and Jason Kelce could go to Canton together

With Donald and Kelce retiring in the same offseason, it would be a shock if the two did not go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame together. They will both be eligible to be inducted in 2029.

Kelce spent 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, made the Pro Bowl seven times, and made First-Team All-Pro six times. He also helped the Eagles win their first Super Bowl in the 2017 season. He came close to winning a second one in the 2022 season as well. That is a resume that should land him in Canton.

Donald leaves no doubt that he will be a first-ballot hall of fame player. He made the Pro Bowl in all 10 years that he played with the Rams, made All-Pro teams eight times, won the Defensive Player of the Year award three times, and won a Super Bowl in the 2021 season. His most memorable play is likely the sack of Joe Burrow on 4th-and-1 to seal the Rams' Super bowl victory.