The Los Angeles Rams' title defense didn't go according to plan. After winning the Super Bowl, many still expected this team to, at the very least, be playoff contenders. Instead, LA floundered their way to a 5-12 record, completely missing the playoffs. Injuries to key starters hampered their campaign. After all of that drama, Jalen Ramsey's cryptic tweet won't be easing their worries.

The wording of Jalen Ramsey's tweet could potentially mean two things: either he's retiring, or he's leaving the Rams. None of those options are good things for LA. Considering Ramsey's age and years played, it seems more likely that he's alluding to leaving via free agency or trade. That's going to be a brutal blow for a team that's already losing players left and right.

Matthew Stafford suffered a myriad of injuries last season, partly due to an offensive line battered with injuries as well. Aaron Donald also battled injuries, and is also getting up there in age. Cooper Kupp was sidelined with a major injury. The Rams were already a top-heavy roster, and losing their big stars to injury only worsened their problems.

We'll see how the Rams try to bounce back from this terrible season. Their first order of business should be trying to keep Jalen Ramsey in town. After that… they have to figure out how to rebuild this roster. Contrary to popular belief, they have a couple of their own draft picks to play with. Will they commit to their previous strategy of acquiring talent through trade?