Matthew Stafford came out with arguably one of the greatest performances in Super Bowl history on Sunday night as he led the Los Angeles Rams to a historic victory over Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. Stafford stepped it up in the clutch for the Rams and people are now claiming that his game-winning drive late in the match has cemented his legacy as a future Hall of Famer.

Following his iconic showing on the field, the Rams superstar naturally had to celebrate. There was no better way to do this than by partying all night with his wife, Kelly Stafford. According to his own narration of what seems like an epic night, one thing led to another and they ended up heading over to a house party being hosted by the one and only Drake.

For insight on the Rams’ Super Bowl 56 victory over the Bengals, listen below:

Apparently, the Staffords just had one hour of sleep before they had to wake up to record Kelly’s podcast, The Morning After with Kelly Stafford. She revealed that they were both “still hammered” at the start of the episode, which is quite understandable considering the lack of proper sleep after an exhausting night of partying. The couple then went on to describe how the events of the previous night led to Drake cooking eggs for them at four in the morning (h/t Cass Anderson of brobible):

Kelly’s co-host: So you guys went to Harriet’s after the game and then you ended up at Drake’s house? Is Drake cool?

Matthew: Drake’s great.

Kelly’s co-host: Did he perform at all?

Matthew: No. He might’ve. Maybe he did that with scrambled eggs in the morning. We left at 4, maybe when he was frying up some eggs he said ‘let’s go’.

Kelly: What time do you think that party ended? It was not slowing down when we left.

Matthew: I felt like a loser for leaving at 4.

Kelly: I did too but I mean, it’s f—ing 4 am.

Matthew: It was not his actual house. He was renting this beautiful abode and I feel so bad for the owner with the things that were going on in there.

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Sounds like a really fun party, right? At 34, the Rams quarterback is no spring chicken. He partied all night long, but he knew he just had to bail at four in the morning. Not to mention having played in a Super Bowl game a few hours prior.

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The best part about all this is that Matthew and Kelly had to take their kids to Disneyland that same day. The fact that they’re going to go on this family trip with a pretty bad hangover should make for an equally memorable story. Let’s stay tuned.