Stetson Bennett is only 25-years old. In the real world, he's considered a young man. However, he was unquestionably on the older side during his career in college with Georgia football. Bennett faced plenty of “old” jokes during his time in college, and the jokes are continuing to follow Bennett after he was selected by the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL Draft on Saturday.

Twitter especially joked about Stetson Bennett and Matthew Stafford's ages, despite Stafford being 10 years older than Bennett.

“Wild that the Rams just drafted a quarterback who's older than Matthew Stafford,” JJ Zachariason wrote on Twitter.

“Stetson Bennett selected by the Rams. Not sure if he’ll see a lot of playing time but he’ll do a nice job mentoring younger players like Cam Akers, Matthew Stafford and Eric Dickerson,” wrote Cousin Sal.

“Rumors tell us the Rams drafted the older Stetson Bennett to help mentor Matthew Stafford,” an account called Saturday Down South added.

“With Matthew Stafford coming off a rough year, the Rams draft Stetson Bennett. They figure having an older quarterback on the roster to mentor Stafford should help,” Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith shared.

“Fun fact, Stetson Bennett used to babysit Matthew Stafford,” An account called ThatsGoodSports chimed in.

Overall, Bennett enjoyed a productive college football career. He has the potential to develop into a reliable NFL QB. Bennett will likely take over as Matthew Stafford's backup in 2023. Given Stafford's injury history, having a capable backup like Bennett should serve the Rams well.