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Video: Rams RB Todd Gurley scores first TD of the season

Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley was surrounded by questions all offseason. Was the Los Angeles Rams star running back seriously injured? Was the beginning of the end already here?

In Week 1, he silenced doubters with his play. However, at the same time more questions arose due to his limited playing time.

Now in Week 2, Gurley’s answering those questions as well.

In the third quarter against the New Orleans Saints, Gurley scampered for a touchdown. Not only was it the first touchdown of the game, but it was the first touchdown of the season for the running back.

Obviously, this was a clutch touchdown. Going up against the Saints in a heated matchup, no one could get into the end zone for a while.

Gurley scoring opened up the biggest lead of the game (at the time) for either team, and put the Rams in the driver’s seat.

Most importantly perhaps is what it proved though. In Week 1, one of the biggest questions was Gurley’s availability. The Rams were going with Malcolm Brown in the red zone and for goal line runs.

That made it appear as if Gurley wasn’t healthy enough to take on those duties, why else wouldn’t he be taking on the task.

It looks like Gurley’s healthy now though, and he’s running the ball near the end zone. That bodes well for Los Angeles as there aren’t many (if any) better than Gurley.

This rematch from a fantastic and controversial NFC Championship game has had a lot of action in it.

Gurley scoring touchdown number one of the year is just the icing on the cake.