The Boston Red Sox are the last place team in the American League East, a far cry from the franchise's storied and successful history. Even with the disappointment of the 2022-2023 season Manager Alex Cora and the team are doing their best to finish the season with honor, and in style.

The move came during a week-long span that saw Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale praised by a former teammate, now with the Chicago White Sox. The Red Sox have been relatively quiet down the stretch on the roster front, making two key roster moves recently that made front page news.

On Wednesday evening the Red Sox honored infielder Justin Turner, who was replaced by Pablo Reyes after a mound visit by Cora. Cora made the move for the purpose of allowing the fans to give Turner a well-deserved standing ovation, as the Red Sox slugger had over 20 home runs and 96 RBI on the season at the time he was taken out of the game.

Turner is a Long Beach, California native who played the previous nine seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers. His .274 average as of Wednesday with the Red Sox was slightly lower than any of his season averages with the National League club. Turner's 23 home runs were well above his standard season with the Dodgers, however.

The Red Sox lost 5-0 to the Ray on Wednesday and are scheduled to face the Baltimore Orioles in a four-game set to close the 2022-2023 season.

While it was not the season most Red Sox fans hoped for, Cora and the Fenway Park crowd's gesture and cheers, respectively, for the former Dodgers and current Boston slugger signaled a level of respect that few franchises have for their players, just part of what makes Boston a special place to play for opponents and the home town team alike.

“Love to see it,” one fan said on Twitter, while others commented that the ovation for Turner made them forget about the disappointing win-loss numbers on the season for Boston for the time being.