Joey Votto confirmed on Friday during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show that he plans to play in 2024 amid retirement rumors. The Cincinnati Reds legend could end up suiting up elsewhere though because the organization has a decision to make on his $20 million player option. Considering how much his production has dropped, there's a good chance they decide to buy him out for $7 million.

Shortly after speaking to Patrick, Votto texted The Athletic and explained the reasoning behind wanting to play one more season, citing his health issues as a major factor.

“I played well in 2021 and assumed I would carry comparable production into 2022 and beyond,” Votto wrote. “I left 2021 excited and confident about my future.”

“I haven’t had a healthy/strong stretch since June 2022. I don’t want to leave the game I love and have been passionate about since I was a boy on, what I view is, a poor note,” Votto wrote. “This and last season were challenging due to an injury. A stretch of health gives me optimism I can be competitive and productive. The game will tell me if I am correct or not.”

Joey Votto smacked 36 homers in 21′, just one off his career-best mark. But, a shoulder problem then arose in 2022 and ultimately forced the Canadian to get shoulder surgery in August. That resulted in Votto missing a lot of 2023 as well, featuring in only 65 games while hitting .202 with 14 long balls.

Whether he can hit 30+ bombs again remains to be seen, but Votto just wants to go out on a high note after all these years, whether that's with the Reds or not.