When it comes to power couples, Hollywood has its fair share of notable names like Justin and Hailey Bieber, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz, as The Knot points out. However, it's surprising that the sports industry's power couples don't always receive the same recognition as they should. It's as if being a professional athlete somehow diminishes the incredible bond shared by these couples. One such couple that deserves more attention is LeBron and Savannah James, whose enduring relationship and positive impact are often overlooked.

While the NBA does have its share of popular couples, often tied to the player's last name, it's important not to overlook the significance of individuals like Jrue Holiday, who demonstrates unwavering support and dedication to his partner. These lesser-known power couples in the world of basketball deserve recognition for the love and strength they bring to their relationships. Here is a list of NBA power couples, ranked. Do you think Savannah and LeBron James are number one?

6. Lauren Cheney and Jrue Holiday

Before marrying Holiday, Cheney had a remarkable eight-year career as a professional midfielder, representing the US women's national soccer team. As a star forward, she achieved great success, including winning the Olympic gold medal and the FIFA World Cup championship. However, in 2015, Cheney's life took an unexpected turn when she decided to start a family and was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor while pregnant. This challenging period led Holiday to prioritize his wife's well-being, choosing to miss the NBA regular season to provide care and support.

Their journey was filled with strength and resilience, and in 2017, the couple shared the news of Cheney's successful recovery from the ordeal. Their love and commitment have been evident throughout their relationship, which began with a friendship that blossomed into something more. On July 7, 2013, they sealed their bond through marriage, solidifying their partnership both on and off the field.

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5. Kevin Love and Kate Bock

Kevin Love, a highly accomplished NBA player, and five-time all-star, has left an indelible mark on the basketball court since his debut in 2008. His talent and dedication have propelled him to great heights in the Miami Heat team. Equally remarkable is his wife, Kate Bock, a renowned Canadian model celebrated for her stunning appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. Her career keeps her constantly engaged in various endeavors, showcasing her beauty and talent.

In a heartfelt celebration of their love, Kevin and Kate exchanged vows on June 25 in a truly iconic setting—the flagship location of the New York Public Library. It was a momentous occasion that brought together their shared journey and commitment. Their love story began in 2016, and since then, they have been inseparable, supporting each other through their respective careers and personal endeavors.

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Mariah Riddlesprigger

Amidst his exceptional performance in the NBA, the Greek Freak faced disappointment in the playoffs, falling short in the first round. However, his previous triumph as the leader of the Milwaukee Bucks, where they clinched a championship a few seasons ago, fuels his relentless drive to conquer the league once more.

Throughout their journey, Giannis and Mariah Riddlesprigger have shared a deep bond that has endured for several years. Currently anticipating the arrival of their third child, the couple's love has flourished. While the details of their early relationship remain private, the NBA champion and accomplished fashion entrepreneur now form a loving family of four. With the birth of their sons Liam Charles and Maverick Shai in 2020 and 2021 respectively, their joy knows no bounds.

3. Steph and Ayesha Curry

Steph Curry, the epitome of dedication, has established an illustrious NBA career exclusively as a Warrior, captivating fans with his tireless work ethic, extraordinary shooting skills, and unwavering ambition. However, his impact extends beyond the basketball court, as he and his wife Ayesha Curry embody a beloved NBA power couple, celebrated for their enchanting love story.

The narrative of Steph and Ayesha's romance traces back to their teenage years when they initially crossed paths at a North Carolina youth group event in 2003. In 2010, they embraced engagement, culminating in a heartfelt union in 2011 at the very church where their paths first intertwined nearly a decade earlier. Today, their journey as a couple is blessed with the presence of their two daughters, Riley and Ryan, and their son, Canon.

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2. Russell and Nina Earl Westbrook

The love story of Russell and Nina blossomed during their college years as they embraced the vibrant world of basketball at UCLA. Both athletes, Nina graced the women's basketball team while Russell showcased his skills on the men's team. Their shared passion for the sport served as a solid foundation for their relationship, which led them down the aisle in August 2015.

The couple's joy multiplied when they welcomed their firstborn, Noah, into the world in May of 2017, filling their lives with immeasurable happiness. The blessings continued as twin daughters, Jordan and Skye, joined their loving family in November of 2018, completing the picture of a truly remarkable and beautiful journey. Russell and Nina Westbrook epitomize unwavering commitment and resilience in the face of adversity. When Russell faced a wave of negativity as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, including hate mail and even death threats, Nina emerged as his unwavering champion.

1. LeBron and Savannah James

The heartwarming tale of LeBron and Savannah James is a true testament to the power of love. Their journey began as high school sweethearts, with their first date taking place in 2002. As LeBron's basketball career skyrocketed, culminating in him becoming the top pick in the NBA draft and joining the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, Savannah remained a constant pillar of support by his side.

LeBron's exceptional talent propelled him to legendary status, earning him a well-deserved reputation as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Throughout his awe-inspiring journey, Savannah stood unwaveringly by his side, showcasing their enduring bond and serving as an inspiration to other NBA couples.

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There might be a couple whom you thought would make this list, and they very well could have. However, these are the pairs who are arguably at the forefront and doing a great job at doing so.