The 2022 college football season is still about a month and a half away from beginning. However, excitement is beginning to build, especially in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Sooners head coach Brent Vernables is ready for some football. After serving as Clemson's defensive coordinator and associate head coach, he'll be in charge of leading his first program in 2022. He's excited. In fact, he's so excited, he has the most bizarre way of showing it. Here are Vernables' words, per Anwar Richardson of Yahoo.

Brent Vernables said that he is “prepared for this moment and the firehose is fully inserted in his mouth.” Uh, what? You okay over there, coach? We're hoping the Sooners newest leader actually didn't insert a firehose directly in his mouth and that this is just some weird figure of speech.

Vernables certainly has reason to be excited about the challenge ahead. Not only will it be his first year as head coach, but he will also have to attempt to win games with a roster of relatively new players- about half of them have never suited up for the Sooners.

That's enough to make anyone reach for the old firehose, just maybe not from excitement. In all seriousness, that level of personality and intensity should serve Vernables well in Oklahoma.

He'll certainly have tough shoes to fill after former head coach Lincoln Riley led the Sooners to back-to-back bowl game wins in 2020 and 2021.

However, Brent Vernables seems ready for the moment with Oklahoma. Perhaps, even a little bit too ready