Devin Booker is HIM. The Phoenix Suns superstar came out with one of the most mind-blowing performances of his career on Wednesday night as he led the Suns to a 132-113 blowout win over the Chicago Bulls. Booker exploded for a season-high 51 points in just 31 minutes of play. The three-time All-Star astoundingly went 20-of-25 from the field on the evening as he left the home crowd in awe after his masterful performance.

After the game, Booker was asked by reporters about the exact moment he realized that he was going to catch fire during the game. The Suns star smiled before answering as he took a page out of Kevin Durant's (and Jevon Carter's) book for his response:

“Do you want me to hit the Jevon Carter or KD?” Booker said. “… when I woke up.”

That's savage. Then again, you wouldn't expect anything less from Devin Booker.

Kevin Durant himself could not help but marvel at Booker's performance against the Bulls. KD quickly took to Twitter to express his disbelief as he watched the 26-year-old miss just five shots in 25 attempts en route to 51 points. What's even more amazing is that Booker did all this in just three quarters. The Suns didn't even need him in the fourth with the game already in the bag.

This recent performance only helps solidify Booker's MVP claim this season — something that the Phoenix shooting guard himself has chosen to play down. There's no denying that it's going to be hard to keep his MVP bid under wraps after this mind-boggling performance.