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Video: Mikal Bridges is disrespecting Suns coach Igor Kokoskov in front of everyone

mikal bridges, igor kokoskov

The Phoenix Suns have been nothing but disastrous lately and one moment involving Mikal Bridges and Igor Kokoskov during their matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers only adds up to the dysfunction at the desert.

In the third quarter of play, Blazers star Damian Lillard successfully fished for a foul on Bridges beyond the 3-point arc. The veteran smarts of Lillard took advantage of the rookie’s vulnerable defensive position, making for an easy call by the referee.

The Suns requested for a timeout and Kokoskov immediately approached Mikal Bridges to talk over his mental lapse on defense. However, the first year player was having none of it as he visibly disregarded a teaching moment from his own head coach.

Given that the Suns were already being blown out by the Blazers at that point and Mikal Bridges committing his fifth foul, one can easily chalk this to frustration. But the lack of respect shown by the rookie — of all players— to his coach is the more pressing concern here for Phoenix.

The Suns gave up their own first rounder and change to the Philadelphia 76ers for the rights to Bridges. He’s a three-year guy and a champion coming out of Villanova, so the apparent meltdown comes as a surprise.

Still, Mikal Bridges only has a handful of NBA experience under his belt. He’s not used to losing. Perhaps, the Suns’ culture has created a dent in his character or maybe it’s just a spur of the moment reaction.

The Suns lost this one to the Blazers, 108-86. Bridges finished the game with seven points, three rebounds, one assist, and one steal.