NFL Preseason gets so much hype and coverage because fans have been starved of a football for months on end. They finally get to see professionals battle it out after not having a game since February. But, natural disasters and injury concerns could get in the way. This is exactly why the CJ Stroud-led Houston Texans along with the New Orleans Saints and Derek Carr have made a shocking decision that may affect their preparations before kickoff.

The Texans and Saints have mutually agreed to cancel their NFL Preseason joint practices with one another. Fans got to learn of the news through Houston's social media accounts.

“Our two teams have mutually agreed to cancel the joint practices that were scheduled in New Orleans this week. After our head coaches spoke earlier today, we decided this was in the best interest of both teams as we continue to prepare for the regular season,” the statement read. But, fans should have their hopes dwindle as there are plans to keep them entertained, “A revised practice schedule for each team will be communicated once finalized.”


Houston apparently made the decision to call off the sessions. The CJ Stroud-led squad had massive injury concerns. These could be linked to the fights in joint practices. The unfortunate Isaiah Bolden injury between the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers may also be a reason. Some also claim that there are incoming weather disturbances such as storms that are preventing the games from happening. Regardless of the reason, player safety should always come first.