Mediocrity rules the AFC South through three weeks of action this NFL season. The Indianapolis Colts sit atop the division at 2-1, but already had to start their backup quarterback in Week 3. The Houston Texans are lumped in with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans at 1-2, although the Texans are the only of those three teams to earn a W on Sunday.

So with DeMeco Ryans' crew earning its first victory of the season, a 37-17 defeat of the Jags on the road, what are some of the spicier takeaways from this game? Can we map out the road to a division title for Houston? Is this a good time to weigh in on the 2023 NFL Draft? And do we have any positional battles that are ready to shift, fantasy footballers be damned? Let's dive into the Texans' win over the Jaguars, and what that might mean for the team moving forward.

3. C.J. Stroud is the best QB from the 2023 draft

Three quarterbacks were taken in the first round of the 2023 draft: Bryce Young went #1 overall to the Carolina Panthers, C.J. Stroud went to Houston at #2, and the Indianapolis Colts nabbed Anthony Richardson at #4. Stroud has the leg up after Sunday, if for no other reason than the other two didn't suit up. Young is nursing an ankle injury, while Richardson suffered a concussion last week and did not pass the NFL's protocols to return to action.

There were questions about Young's size and how he would hold up physically in the NFL even before the draft. Unfortunately, those concerns have surfaced early. Young also looked in over his head in his first two NFL starts.

Richardson has flashed his enormous potential through two games, but he has been inconsistent with his accuracy as well. He's also finished each of his first two NFL starts on the bench because of injury.

Stroud, meanwhile, has improved each week so far. His completion percentage has gone up with each game. He's yet to throw an interception. And he's even made history, becoming the first QB in NFL history with 900 passing yards, 4+ pass touchdowns, and zero interceptions in his first three career starts. It's early, but Stroud looks like the best of the bunch so far.

2. More Devin Singletary, Less Dameon Pierce

A 2022 fourth-round draft selection, Dameon Pierce entered this season with high expectations. He impressed in his rookie year, rushing for 939 yards in just 13 games, and figured to be leaned on heavily while Houston acclimated Stroud to life in the NFL.

But so far, Pierce has looked unimpressive. Against the Jaguars on Sunday, he ran for 31 yards on 14 carries. His ostensible backup, Devin Singletary, rushed for 10 more yards on five fewer carries. The injury woes the Texans' offensive line has suffered will adversely affect the running game no matter who is toting the rock. But right now, Pierce is not doing much with his carries.

Pierce has gotten double-digit rushes in each game of 2023, while Singletary's high so far in a game is nine. He's carried the ball 20 more times than Singletary has. That distribution feels out of whack, and Ryans should call Singletary's number more based on both backs' production through three weeks.

1. The Texans are contenders to win the AFC South

Let's stipulate that none of the four teams in the AFC South look like world-beaters. Three of the four teams have negative point differentials, and the division has a 1-4 record in home games. With that being the case, why not the Texans?

It sure looks like they hit on the franchise quarterback pick, which will give them a fighting chance regardless. The Titans appear to be stuck between one last shot at contending with QB Ryan Tannehill and a rebuild. The Colts are at war with their best offensive player over a contract dispute. Meanwhile, the Texans just gave it to the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

Something else to consider: the health of this team. In their 20-point win on the road on Sunday, the Texans were missing four expected starters on the offensive line. Their star first-round cornerback is on IR, and they were missing one of their starting safeties in the secondary.

Health is a concern all 32 teams deal with in the NFL. But if Houston can get some key contributors back in action in the coming weeks, there's no reason why the Texans can't rise to the top of the AFC South earlier than nearly anyone expected.