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UFC star Conor McGregor breaks down Muhammad Ali’s punch in late boxer’s photo

Conor McGregor, Muhammad Ali

UFC star Conor McGregor has explained why Muhammad Ali’s punch form in a recently-uploaded photo on social media is a work of art.

Without a doubt, the late Muhammad Ali is if not, one of the greatest boxers of all time. Even to this day, many professional fighters are still baffled with how he does his thing inside the ring.

However, former UFC two-division champion Conor McGregor may have been right about his analysis of a recent photo of Ali on his official Twitter account.

In it, Ali in his prime was captured throwing a seemingly hard left-hand body shot as he does some shadow boxing. Upon noticing that Ali’s “shoulder” was about to snap in the said photo, McGregor was left stunned and heaped praise on the boxing “icon.”

“What a shot of an icon! Look at the disconnect of the shoulder here on this punch,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. ” [Muhammad] Ali absolutely snapped them out all day long! Literal Whips! Incredible! What a quote also! A true legend and a real hero of mine, Muhammad “The Worlds Greatest” Ali.”

McGregor is still recovering from the horrifying leg injury he sustained during his rubbermatch against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

While on break, “The Notorious” has been quite active on social media and has not been shy about expressing his raw thoughts on certain topics. In one of his most recent tweets, McGregor took a massive dig at Ireland’s government officials for putting the country back into lockdown state and announcing its new COVID-19 restrictions.