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Warriors news: Charles Barkley thinks Golden State should accept invite to the White House

charles barkley

TNT analyst Charles Barkley, a man of many opinions, thinks the Golden State Warriors should accept a potential visit to the White House, after comments from Kevin Durant and other NBA stars denouncing President Donald Trump for his stance on the aftermath of the violent white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Durant and some of his teammates, and even head coach Steve Kerr has been vocal about his discontent with the current regime and the current state of the country, giving a strong indication that the team could be the first to unanimously decline an invitation to Washington D.C.

“I think you should go to the White House,” said Barkley on Tuesday morning’s edition of ESPN’s Mike & Mike. “It isn’t about the person, it’s about the office. That’s just my opinion.”

Barkley has had a record of utter respect for the authorities and the job they do in the community, but this hope of his might fall on empty breath, as the social unrest had only propelled the divide between the NBA, an association comprised of 70-plus-percent African-American players, and the current federal regime.

Kerr previously expressed willingness to go to the White House as a “gesture of good will” — but the latest events could have had a definite change of mind on the coach as no actions have proven to breach the gap with those in power.