A lot of movement has been going around for the Golden State Warriors in these recent days. The most prominent move that Mike Dunleavy Jr. orchestrated was a trade for Washington Wizards' recent acquisition, Chris Paul, in exchange for Jordan Poole. However, a known social media page mistakenly included Ryan Hollins in the trade.

Mike Dunleavy Jr. and the Warriors traded away a top-20 protected 2030 first-round pick, Jordan Poole, and a 2027 second-round pick to the Wizards. Ryan Hollins was not part of the trade nor part of the Wizards and Warriors' roster at the time. The former Washington Wizards power forward jokingly verified this information in a Twitter post.

I promise I wasn't traded today,” Ryan Hollins said with a bunch of laughing emojis.


The last time Ryan Hollins played an NBA game was on April 5 of 2016 for the Memphis Grizzlies. He played 518 games throughout his whole NBA stint while scoring 3.7 points per game on a highly efficient 58.4% field goal shooting.

The last chance he could have been traded from the Wizards was in 2015. This was before he moved to the Memphis Grizzlies. His stint in Washington was so short that even he wondered about his inclusion in the trade. As of the moment, Ryan Hollins is a color commentator for the Houston Rockets.

The Warriors have had a lot of movement since Mike Dunleavy Jr. took over like the Chris Paul and Jordan Poole trade. Ryan Hollins has not been on the Wizards for nearly eight years. It is hilarious to see him get included.