Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson drained his 1,931st 3-pointer in his career on Tuesday night against the Miami Heat. This was an historic occasion for the Dubs shooting guard as he has now surpassed JR Smith for the 17th spot in made threes in the history of the NBA.

This comes via the Warriors on Twitter:

Here's the exact moment the Warriors two-guard climbed the all-time leaderboards:

Next up for Klay Thompson would be JJ Redick, who has 1,950 triples to his name and is currently sitting at the 16th spot on the all-time leaderboards.

You have to note that Thompson is coming off two years on the shelf, which means that he would have likely climbed the ranks at a much quicker rate had it not been for his major injuries.

Be that as it may, Thompson still has quite a ways to go if he wants to reach his Warriors backcourt partner-in-crime, Stephen Curry, on the all-time 3-pointers list. Steph currently has 3,151 triples to his name — and counting. Frankly speaking, Klay Thompson won't be touching Curry's record, and the reality is that this is an all-time record that nobody's probably ever going to beat.

Regardless of the record, however, no one's arguing against the notion that Thompson still remains to be one of the top 3-point shooters of all time. He may not be the GOAT — a title that belongs solely to Stephen Curry — but he's not very far behind either. What cannot be denied is that as a duo, Curry and Thompson stand out as the greatest shooting backcourt of all time.