The Golden State Warriors are one of the most revolutionary teams and franchises in the history of the NBA. From their impeccable ball movement to the deadeye three-point shooting of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, the team has become a legendary group in recent years.

The sharpshooter and original Splash Brother Thompson is up for a contract extension soon. His teammate Curry just sunk an incredible hole-in-one that had LeBron James losing his mind.

Thompson and Curry continue to set trends, regardless of whether they are on the court or not. Recently, the Twitter page StatMuse revealed a symbol of Thompson's mastery that has fans talking.

This particular stat says an awful lot about how the NBA has changed in the last fifteen-plus years, with Thompson and Curry among those leading the charge.

The Warriors attempted a league-high 43.1 three pointers in 2022. Curry and Thompson led the way with 12.1 and 10.5 three-point attempts each, respectively.

Meanwhile, the drop-off from the two original long-distance Warriors snipers was precipitous. Small forward Andrew Wiggins took 4.9 three-pointers per game last season, while now-departed star Jordan Poole shot 4.8 threes per game.

As Golden State prepares for a new season without the infamous Draymond Green-Jordan Poole punch incident hanging over the Chase Center like a dark cloud, Thompson and Curry will once again be key.

Already, doubters like Kendrick Perkins have come out as skeptics of the current Warriors' championship aspirations. With the reigning champion Denver Nuggets continuing to boast one of the biggest and most physical rosters in the NBA, the question is whether Golden State's style can translate into future titles with Nikola Jokic and others patrolling the paint.

The Warriors appear set for one last ride, with Thompson and Curry at the helm of the ship once again.