Draymond Green is quite the polarizing figure, isn't he? Depending on who you talk to, the Golden State Warriors forward is either a brilliant defensive genius or a dangerous hot-headed veteran who's way past his prime. After repeated incidents of way-too-physical play, the NBA suspended Green indefinitely before ultimately returning in January.

In his return, Green continued to make a lot of enemies on the court. Case in point: the Warriors' most recent game against the Phoenix Suns. Green, ever the physical and chippy defender, got into it against Jusuf Nurkic. The two had to be pulled apart after an altercation between the two. Afterwards, Nurkic had some harsh words for the former All-Star forward.

Jusuf Nurkic on Warriors' Draymond Green: “He didn’t learn anything man. It’s just a matter of time, he gonna knock somebody else again. So, I take everything back what I said. He don’t deserve a chance. That’s it for me…His antics…I don’t care. At the end of the day, he can try to play that way, but no one worries about him.”

After the game, Stephen Curry came to the defense of his long-time teammate. The Warriors star first emphasized the impact of Green in the game. Curry then proceeded to call Nurkic's comments “idiotic”. (video via ClutchPoints)

“[Draymond Green] gave us great energy that you need to meet the moment… I know everybody is going to talk about what Jusuf Nurkic said and how idiotic that was.”

Green's escalating antics over the last year led to his indefinite suspension at the start of the season. The Warriors forward has toned it down quite a bit, but he's still prone to physical play and just getting other people mad. We'll see if other players take offense to Green as the season goes on.