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Steve Kerr jokes about Stephen Curry’s expected return

steve kerr, stephen curry

Ever since Stephen Curry suffered a grade 2 MCL sprain, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has been nagged about his return.

Earlier, Kerr said that Curry will definitely be out of the first round of the playoffs. Per Chris Haynes of ESPN, Kerr said:

“There’s no way he’s playing in the first round,” Kerr said during his pregame media availability. “There’s no way. I mean, he’ll be re-evaluated in three weeks. So, yeah, we have to be ready to play without him and see how he’s coming along.”

Despite admitting it outrightly, Kerr still got nagged with questions regarding Curry’s status. To which, he responded jokingly, per Anthony Slater of The Athletic:

The media seems to have understood that Kerr was talking in jest as they cackled together.

The Warriors are still a capable team without Curry. They have Kevin Durant, a premier offensive talent, as well as sharpshooting Klay Thompson and Draymond Green who does everything for the team.

Despite this, with Curry on the court, the Warriors are a totally different team. They are capable of doing a whole lot more with Curry around. Without him, they are a good team. With him donning that Dubs jersey, they are the greatest team ever assembled in recent history.

Kerr has this fact embedded in his mind. He wouldn’t want to risk Curry and fast-track his recovery. The Warriors are eventually going to make it to the Western Conference Finals at the least. By then, Curry’s 3-point shooting arm has warmed up and ready to unleash.