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Video: Stephen Curry makes bold promise about Warriors’ dynasty

Stephen Curry, Warriors

After running the NBA for half a decade, the Golden State Warriors became the laughingstock of the league this season. It’s easy to forget that they’re not far removed from being the best team in the league, and even one of the best teams ever assembled.

This is something that Warriors superstar Stephen Curry wants all of us to remember, as well as the fact that Golden State’s dynasty is anything but done:

“For us, big picture, we know we’re not done,” Curry told Jermaine O’Neal in an Instagram Live chat, via Josh Schrock of NBC Sports. “Myself, Klay [Thompson], Draymond [Green] we know we’re not done. The core that’s been here since Day 1, we’re going to do everything that we got in our power — it’s going to look different, it’s going to have a new cast of characters that are going to contribute at a high level. But the DNA, just the chemistry that us three have, we’re going to be in good shape coming out of this no matter how basketball looks.”

It’s hard to dispute Curry’s statement here. After all, Thompson and Curry were both out this season (although Curry was able to play in a handful of contests), and even Draymond Green himself missed what seemed like every other game. At full strength next season, there’s no denying that the Warriors will still pose a legitimate threat in the league.

It is worth noting, however, that Curry is already 32 and is starting to near the tail end of his career. It remains to be seen if we will see the same back-to-back MVP Steph Curry next season, but even if he’s not, he should have a good amount left in the tank.