Fans of Angus Cloud have been drawing eerie parallels between the late “Euphoria” star and rapper Mac Miller, who tragically passed away at the age of 26 from an accidental drug overdose, Page Six reports. Cloud's shocking death at the age of 25 was announced by his family, almost five years after Miller's passing.

Both Cloud and Miller shared obvious similarities in their appearances and experienced skyrocketing fame at a young age. However, despite their striking resemblance, Cloud had previously vowed to never portray the “Nikes on My Feet” hitmaker in a biopic.

In an interview with etalk last year, Angus Cloud expressed his reluctance to take on the responsibility of portraying Miller's life and legacy. He stated, “I don’t think I would be prepared to take on someone’s life and legacy and try to replay that, you know? That man is a legend and he’s going to remain one. May he rest in peace, you feel me?”

The actor emphasized the immense respect he had for Mac Miller and the sensitivity required to depict someone's entire life on screen. He acknowledged the significance of truly understanding and learning about a person to do justice to their portrayal in a biopic.

Upon Cloud's passing, his family released a heartfelt statement, describing him as an “incredible human” who held a special place in the hearts of many as an artist, friend, brother, and son. The “Euphoria” star's untimely death left fans mourning the loss of a talented young actor with a promising career ahead.

While Cloud and Miller shared some striking similarities, including their early rise to fame and the tragic circumstances of their deaths, it is evident that Cloud held a deep respect for Miller's legacy and chose not to depict his life on screen.