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3 ways for WWE to bring back Bayley post-Money in the Bank

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With Money in the Bank officially in the rearview, the WWE Universe is looking to reset following a number of pretty notable changes.

Bobby Lashley is the new United States Champion, Theory is the new Men’s Money in the Bank briefcase holder, and after winning the women’s edition of the show’s namesake match earlier in the night, Liv Morgan cashed in her white, green, and gold totem in order to challenge Ronda Rousey for the ultimate prize on the SmackDown brand.

31 seconds later, Morgan stood in the middle of the ring with her head held high; a champion for the first time in her WWE career.

And yet, one of the biggest stories coming out of Money in the Bank wasn’t just Morgan’s elevation, or Bianca Belair taking care of Carmella for the RAW Women’s Championship either. No, folks were talking just as much about who wasn’t on the show as who was, as some hoped to see a certain one-named former champion who has been out of action for a year and is reportedly nearing a return to the ring: Bayley.

Yes, Bayley, the once hugging, talk show hosting grappler who is one of just four women in the entire history of the WWE/F to achieve Grand Slam Championship Status alongside Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks, her former tag team partner who is now on the outs with the company. After a year away, could it almost be time to say “Ding Dong, Hello!” to Bayley once more? If so, here are three potential feuds that could get Bayley back on track.

3 ways the WWE could bring back Bayley.

3. Bianca Belair

If the WWE wants to pick things up right where they left off with Bayley, why not do just that with a renewed feud with Bianca Belair?

I mean think about it, Belair was supposed to wrestle Rhea Ripley at Money in the Bank before the Judgement Day member suffered an injury that held her out of action for the better part of June. While Ripley may ultimately return in the not too distant future, and Vince McMahon may opt to shift his booking strategy to Carmella, who delivered a beating on Belair at the end of their match at MitB, neither have the same sort of long-term feud potential as Bayley, who most recently wrestled Belair at Hell in a Cell 2021 in a match that left very little love lost.

Debut Belair on RAW, bring her back at SummerSlam as a surprise return challenger to beatdown Belair after a win over Ripley or Mella, either way, putting the duo in the ring for a few months on the way to Survivor Series, or Extreme Rules could prove to be the same money angle it was expected to be one year ago.

2. Becky Lynch

If the prospects of Bayley immediately returning to the RAW Championship picture isn’t the route WWE wants to go right away, they could always use Becky Lynch, another member of the Four Horsewomen, to set her up and shoot her to the moon with a can’t-miss angle.

After losing a number of matches heading into Money in the Bank, and ultimately failing to pull down the trophy during the Women’s Ladder match, Lynch is in a bit of a downward spiral at the moment. While it would be in the best interest of WWE to right that ship eventually, as the promotion is just better when Lynch is performing well, squeezing one more good feud out of “Loser Lynch” as a heel could be the ideal way to set up Bayley for success versus Belair, and turn “Big-Time Becks” back to the light side as he first challenger.

1. Liv Morgan

If WWE really wants to shake things up and give Bayley a debut few will expect, why not have her jump over to SmackDown, and re-earth a feud that has long been buried: Liv Morgan.

Since the first time Bayley and Morgan shared a ring all the way back at NXT Live in 2016, when the then-champion defeated her eventual Riott Squad foe in front of a local audience, the duo have shared a ring 91 times both as friends and as foes. While they’ve never shared the ring for a one-on-one wrestling match, the prospects of that changing are intriguing indeed, as Morgan has always been on the outside looking in at the Four Horsewomen and could use a feud between Bayley as a way to “legitimize” her status as one of the top performers in all of WWE regardless of gender.