After watching her record-breaking reign with the RAW Women's Championship come to an unceremonious end at Night of Champions at the chili pepper mist-soaked hands of Asuka, fans had to expect that Bianca Belair was eventually going to take a shot at “The Empress of Tomorrow” in order to get back what she felt should have never been lost in the first place.

Emerging from the back to attack Asuka after she left the ring during an increasingly contentious edition of The Grayson Waller Effect, Belair had to be held back by a half-dozen security guards before she could explain her actions in a WWE Digital Exclusive segment with McKenzie Mitchell.

“You know how Asuka’s always saying how nobody’s ready for Asuka? But guess who was ready tonight? Not any of those girls who got in there talking all that mess on the microphone, they didn’t even realize that the champion had walked out of the ring. But I was ready for Asuka tonight. I think everyone saw what happened at Night of Champions. Yeah, she won, but how did she win? Asuka, you wanna be a champion, then be a champion and do it the right way,” Bianca Belair said.

“See, I was playing nice, I was trying to be this nice champion, go by the rules, play by the rules, but now I’m in my feelings. Asuka’s saying nobody’s ready for Asuka? Well, Asuka’s about to mess around and find out.”

What does Belair have in store for Asuka? Only time will tell, but it's safe to say after messing around with ‘The EST of WWE,” she's about to find out.