When news broke that the Bellas, Nikki and Brie, were finishing up their contracts with WWE sans any sort of an extension in favor of hitting it independently under their given names, Nikkie and Brie Garcia, it felt like only a matter of time before the duo joined the latter's husband, Bryan Danielson, in AEW.

On paper, it makes sense, right? Despite all of their success a decade ago, before WWE even had Women's Tag Team Championship belts, the Garcias are just 39 and could theoretically still perform at a high level for years to come. Sure, Brie's daughter isn't the biggest fan of wrestling, famously asking her father to retire in 2024, in the end, but that doesn't mean there isn't still money to be made off of Garcia matches, even if they end up being nothing more than part-timers in the squared circle.

Taking part in an Instagram Live session, as she often does, Brie was asked about her future in the ring and if she had any matches she wanted to add to her Hall of Fame resume before retiring from wrestling once and for all. To her credit, Garcia did, and she ripped off a few names to get fans buzzing.

“I will…waiting for Buddy to grow a little more,” Brie Garcia said via Fightful. “The great thing is there's so many companies with great opponents!!! I'd loved to wrestle Saraya again, Brit Baker…..love to go wrestle Trin… Can't wait to see her and Mickey in action…..first on my list is The liconics…wrestle them In Australia would be amazing!”

Naturally, Danielson was asked about this question after his match at WrestleDream during the media scrum, and based on his response, it sure sounds like he was as surprised to hear it as fans were on IG Live.

“I will never say never, but she puts stuff on Instagram that I don't even know,” Bryan Danielson told the reporters in attendance. “Sometimes, people will say, ‘Oh my gosh, that picture of your kids is adorable.' I'm saying, ‘What picture are you talking about?' They'll show them to me, and I haven't even seen the picture. She hasn't sent me the picture. I will say this, Brie is the boss in our family. If she wants to come do it, it'll get done.”

Would it be weird to see Garcia make her AEW debut only to see Danielson retire from full-time action within a six-month period? Most definitely, but hey, maybe seeing her mom in the ring will inspire a love of the sport and allow the entire Danielson-Garcia family to enjoy the magic in AEW.

Bryan Danielson reflects on his technical masterpiece with ZSJ.

Before he could even make it to the WrestleDream media scrum, Bryan Danielson sat down for a special digital exclusive segment for AEW, where he commented on his fantastic match with Zack Sabre Jr.

Though Danielson ultimately secured the win, in his opinion, the match really didn't decide who is the best technical wrestler in the world, as there's still plenty of grappling left to be done.

“That's the kind of match I've wanted my entire career. In Seattle, in front of my hometown fans. I've never, in my entire career, gotten to wrestle like that in front of these people. I'm so grateful and happy that I was able to do that against a person as good as Zack. But I'm also a little bit upset, if I'm gonna be honest. Because I came into this match, thinking by the end of this match, we would find out definitely who the best technical wrestler in the world was. We leave that match, and somehow, even though I won, I don't feel like I'm the best technical wrestler in the world. I can barely move my hand. For me to beat Zack Sabre Jr., I had to knock him the f**k out,” Bryan Danielson said in an AEW Digital Exclusive.

“So now I'm starting to think that maybe he is the best technical wrestler in the world. Maybe he is. But here's the thing. I offered to shake his hand at the end of that match, and he refused. So maybe, and we won't know for sure, maybe he is a better technical wrestler. But here's what I know for d*mn sure. He can't strike with me. He can't stand with me. He doesn't have the heart that I have. He doesn't have the legs that I have. He doesn't have the soul that I have to go out there and compete. Maybe that's why I've been forced to retire before. Maybe that is why I'm at the end of my career. Maybe that's why he's never had an injury in his entire career. It is because he plays smart and he doesn't fight with his entire soul. I do, and my career might end early because of it. But guess what? You get one life, and that is the way I want to live.”

Would fans like to see another match between the “American Dragon” and the “Submission Master?” Yes, yes, yes, in a big way, yes, and the best part? They'll likely get to see it, too, as this feels like the sort of match that sets up a trilogy for the ages.