After months of trying to make an ill-fated heel turn work, Becky Lynch officially returned to her babyface ways at SummerSlam, where she shook hands with Bianca Belair after losing the WWE RAW Women's Championship to the “Est of WWE” and then came to her former rival's aid when the trio of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky, too the ring to intimidate the current top female performer on the red brand.

For fans, this was like a dream come true; not only did Lynch not take the belt off of a very popular Belair and become a full-time heel champion, but she returned to the good side of the “vs.” symbol, where she did he best work in the company founded by Vincent M. McMahon. With a new, old rival to keep her busy and a slew of new opportunities opened up by a Belair-Lynch partnership, the prospects of RAW heating up to its former glory felt very much like a real possibility.

But unfortunately, things don't always go as planned.

While Belair's win went over big with the fans, as did the return of Bayley and company, and even Lynch's face-turn, it all came at a cost, as earlier in the match, “The Man” suffered a nasty injury that was eventually diagnosed as a separated shoulder and the prospects of Lynch remaining in RAW‘s upper-card picture became murky at best, as the injury can take between one to three months to fully heal.

Based on how WWE handled the situation at the beginning of RAW, it's pretty safe to say Lynch's return will probably fall on the longer side of that timeline.

Lynch got her moment on WWE's RAW before being written out of in-ring action.

When Becky Lynch made her way to the ring at the start of WWE's Monday Night RAW, it wasn't with the typical pomp and circumstance that has been typically associated with her in-ring arrivals. Sure, her weird, cartoonish augmented reality figure appeared on the screen, but when Lynch came out of the tunnel, it wasn't in a wild outfit, an asymmetrical hair-do, or with exaggerated makeup that would make an art school student proud; no, Lynch walked down to the ring dressed in black with a cast on one arm and a microphone in the other.

After being showered with praise by a Houston crowd excited to see their favorite performer back on their side, Lynch delivered a heartfelt speech about losing sight of who she was and wanting to be the kind of person people can look up to again. She called out Bianca Belair to congratulate her on a well-fought SummerSlam win, say a “see you soon” to her former belt, and walked back to the locker room a champion in integrity even if she didn't have the belt to prove it.

And yet, as these things so often go in the WWE Universe, Lynch's night wasn't over. No, as Belair delivered her take on the duo's match, the Titantron lit up with the image of “Big-time Becks” getting beaten to a pulp by Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky, and before the “EST of WWE” could haul behind to the back to save her, it was too late; Bayley Pillman-ized Lynch's already hurt shoulder, and after talking to the RAW medical staff, it was official: Lynch will be out for the next few months, and any appearances she makes on RAW will be of the speaking variety, as her in-ring action, at least for the foreseeable future, is likely over.