After shooting his shot to John Cena and the rest of the WWE Universe that the promotion should book a major Premium Live Event in Australia, Grayson Waller's wish has been surprisingly granted, sending the entire show Down Under in early 2024, with the Elimination Chamber coming to Optus Stadium in Perth next February.

Now granted, with the show almost six months away, it's impossible to know what Paul “Triple H” Levesque has up his sleeve for the pride of Sydney, but needless to say, the “Aussie Icon” is over the moon at the prospects of wrestling in front of his home country crowd within driving distance from his childhood home, as it's just been too long.

“I'm buzzing. The thing is, I've heard whispers for, like, the last few years. I think Australia is such a fun market for WWE. They've always had some big shows there, and the fans always turn up,” Grayson Waller told Ryan Gaydos of Fox News Digital.

“But, you know, there's distance, which is never a great thing. So, there's always been that little bit of, ‘we think, we think, we think,' so to finally see that announcement, not only is it just a live event, it's Elimination Chamber — which is a show that basically sets up WrestleMania. It's going to be a huge show in Perth. Optus Stadium — that's a huge stadium, too.

“We're not only going to Australia, we're doing it bigger than ever before.”

When asked about what makes Australia different, Waller noted that, after exclusively having to watch him perform on television, he's excited to see the crowds in his home country get to experience the WWE experience in person.

“For Australia, we don't really have that same opportunity. With at least 30 hours of travel to even get there, we didn't have the opportunity to see everybody very often,” Waller said. “It's been four years since we've had shows there. When you get to see these stars, this is the first time you're seeing certain people on the card, so there's a different level of excitement because this is like a real treat.”

Will Waller have his big coming-out celebration in Australia? Only time will tell, but based on how things have shaken out thus far, it would appear he'll be a featured performer on the biggest Australia show in a very long time.

Grayson Waller reveals his first live experience watching WWE.

Elsewhere in his interview with Fox News Digital, Grayson Waller decided to share a very compelling story from his past involving how he got into professional wrestling and how his mother took him to see a WWE show live when he was just 12 years old.

Though Waller's mom wasn't a fan of wrestling at the time per se, the event had a lasting impact on her just like it did on the “Aussie Icon,” with the duo still reminiscing about the show to this day.

“She wasn't a wrestling fan at all, but she still, to this day, talks about Shawn Michaels versus Ric Flair, which is a crazy match to say that I got go and see when I'm 12 years old. But that was the one that I remember seeing and love talking about it and just how crazy Ric was at his age, taking all these crazy moves and things like that,” Waller said.

“I've always been a WWE fan for a long time, and it used to be a thing where you get to see them every year — they'd come out, and you had RAW, or you had SmackDown, and you'd see the different people. For it to be four years, there's a lot of kids, there's a lot of adults who haven't got to see me live, and I think Elimination Chamber is the show where you've got to see it live.”

Fortunately for all of those kids and adults in Australia alike who haven't been afforded a chance to see Waller live since he signed with the promotion in 2021, they will soon be in luck, as the performer formerly known to fans Down Under as Matty Wahlberg will all but certainly be a featured performer on every show WWE puts on in his home country and will get to show off why he, alongside Rhea Ripley and “Big” Bronson Reed are keeping the Australian tradition of professional wrestling alive in the biggest promotion in all of sports entertainment. The only real question fans have to wonder is will Waller be taking part in the Elimination Chamber match, or will he instead be wrestling for a title opportunity instead?