After winning a number one contendership match to become the first-ever challenger for Damian Priest's World Heavyweight Championship, Jey Uso opened up Monday Night RAW with a message for the “Archer of Infamy,” letting the Judgement Day, the audience in Columbus, Ohio, and the millions more watching from home know that he's going to turn some heads in two weeks in Lyon, France at Backlash.

Needless to say, this didn't sit too well with Priest, who marched out seemingly alone to have a little conversation with a man he has an unlikely friendship with.

“Take it easy, Jey, whatever it is you think I'm out here for, you're wrong. I just came to talk to you. I wanted to tell you, actually, your whole presentation, the Yeet, ‘Main Event' Jey Uso; it suits you, dog, congratulations. I know, I know you weren't expecting all of that. You and I, we went to war last year, right? But I wanna talk about one specific night. You know I never talked about this publically, and you can tell them if I'm lying, but there was one night you whooped my a** so bad that I walked up to you in the locker room and I told you to my respect that you earned all of my respect. That's why I wanted you in the Judgment Day,” Damian Priest explained to the fans in Columbus, Ohio.

“And then I told you we're going out tonight, and drinks are on me. Now I don't remember much from that night but I remember two things: number one, I know I paid the bill because you wanted that Bloodline good stuff. But I don't know if you remember this part, you said something to me that I am very proud of: you said we were next. You said we next, Uce. Now I stand here in front of you, proud to stand here with you: you were right.

“He was right if I'm being honest… well, only half right. I was next. This right here shows why I was next. This shows why I am now. It's okay, look, you're just the first on a long list of people the machine is gonna feed me to make sure this looks good on me. There's nothing to be ashamed of, there's nothing to be ashamed of! I mean you're going to be the first to fall, yeah, but then you get to be the first to lead all of these people. You get to be the first to lead all of the fans across the world and make sure that all rise for El Champion.”

Well, if that was that, then that would have been that, but Usos didn't want to let his friend have all the fun, as he had a few words to say regarding their forthcoming match too, including some regarding Priest's place in the Judgment Day.

Damian Priest might have now, but Jey Uso's still got next.

Standing face to face with the World Heavyweight Champion once more, Jey Uso returns the volley, letting the Judgment Day leader know that he isn't as unflappable as he might think.

“Hold up, take it easy, priest. Come back, let me holla at you, please… That's all you see me as, right? Just another tag team guy, right? Just another Uso, right? Strong talk coming from the leader of the Judgment Day, but the only reason you're the leader of the Judgment Day is cause Rhea Ripley got hurt,” Jey Uso declared as the crowd went wild.  “By the way, how's Mami doing, tell her I say Hi! Hey Champ, you know what that makes you right now? Dom Mysterio's b**ch! Hold on, hold on, I got him, look, my guy look, hey you did what you did, you cashed your briefcase in at WrestleMania, made yourself World Heavyweight Champion, and you think they're gonna feed me to you? Nah, you getting fed to me because I'm next, and at Backlash I'm going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion. And Columbus, Ohio, if you're rocking with Jey Uso, let me hear you say Yeet!”

Could the build-up to this match have been better? Sure, this is the first fans have learned about the connection between Uso and Priest and that's the sort of context that makes any match feel more interesting. Still, the contest is set, and even if it feels like Priest had the advantage, this really could be anyone's match to win in Lynon, Franco, on the first Saturday in May.