When Jey Uso took the ring in the opening segment of RAW, he wanted to continue his one-man apology tour through the WWE Universe.

Firmly committed to becoming a babyface after years working heel as a member of The Bloodline, Uso came out to the ring with a smile on his face, dancing along with the audience, singing his new theme before lifting up the mic to talk to his adoring audience.

“Hey, ‘Main Event' Jey Uso is in your city!” Jey Uso announced. “Yo, it feels good to be out The Bloodline and on my own, but most importantly, it feels real good to be right here on Monday Night RAW!” Jey Uso announced to the crowd in Norfolk, Virginia.

Unfortunately for Uso, whatever he had to share with the crowd was going to have to wait, as before he could cut into the body of his speech, the music of  “Prize Fighter” himself, Kevin Owens hit, and the former Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion slowly marched down to the ring with something on his mind.

“Jey, I think what you meant to say at the beginning there is, Jey Uso is now on the Kevin Owens show. Look man, I've been been exactly where you are now; same situation, same place. I've been there, I know. I know what you're going through, see, because I'm man enough to admit that I did some really bad bad things to a lot of good people, and eventually I found myself feeling like I needed to make a change, and then when I tried to make that change, I tried to make things right, I tried to make up for the mistakes I made in the past, it was hard, It was hard. I took me a while to earn people's respect, I was hard for me to earn people's trust; some people in the locker room still don't respect me, still don't trust me, but that's fine. So I, I know, I understand, but let me tell you this, McIntyre, Riddle, that's just two of a lot of guys in that locker room that don't trust you here. I have a lot of people who I don't talk to ever saying, ‘Hey, Jey Uso doesn't belong in our locker room, and we should do something about it.'” Kevin Owens told Uso.

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“So let me tell ya Jey, this ain't gonna be easy, it's not, but look Jey, it's great right? Cody Rhodes seems to be willing to give you a chance, and last week, Sami welcomed you back with open arms. But Jey, look at me, that's it. That's it. You want to earn people's trust? You want to earn people's respect? Well Jey, let me tell you this, you've got a long way to go to earn my trust and my respect to prove to me that you aren't just the same scumbag that you were when you were running around with The Bloodline.”

Whoa, while Owens, too, was interrupted, this time by the Judgment Day sans Rhea Ripley, his comments are pretty telling about how the babyfaces on RAW feel about letting Uso back into the fold. If Uso can't get back in the good graces of KO and company quickly, he might have no choice but to leave the babyfaces behind in favor of becoming another side guy in a heel faction.

Is Judgment Day the new favorite to recruit Jey Uso?

Marching down to the ring, to be a more formal case for Jey Uso's services, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and Damian Priest laid out a pretty compelling case as to why the Judgment Day is a perfect place for the “Main Event” star.

“Jey, why do you have to prove yourself to Kevin Owens? Because you don't have to prove yourself to me. You know why? Because ‘Grand Slam' Finn respects you, just like the entire Judgment Day respects you,” Finn Balor said.

“Now Jay, I understand if you need some time; just know that The Jugdent Day door is always open to you; you just have to walk through it,” Damian Priest added.

After getting into it with KO in the ring, Jey offered to wrestle alongside the “Prize Fighter,” but unfortunately, things didn't go particularly well, as, after attempting a Superkick on his foes, he instead laid out Owens and allowed JD to get the 1-2-3.

Despite his miscommunication, Uso tried to talk to Owens once more backstage, but his offer wasn't accepted, with Owens effectively telling the Uce he's running out of chances.

“You know what? Why don't you find your new Bloodline, huh?” Owens asked. “They're in the Judgment Day's locker room. Why don't you dye your hair purple while you're at it, huh Uce? ”

Is this the story WWE wants to tell? Is Uso going to slowly get rejected by the rest of the faction, especially if Cody Rhodes is drafted to SmackDown, leading to a run in the Judgment Day? If so, it sounds like members of the faction would happily accept it.