After making it abundantly clear that he wanted to address Logan Paul in the middle of the ring in Tampa Bay on the previous edition of RAW and all week since, Ricochet curiously found himself alone during his allotted time in the Amalie Arena, despite calling out the “Maverick” repeatedly to start the segment.

“Logan, Logan, where are you at, homeboy?” Ricochet asked. “Where you at? Look, I know that you're here, so it's time for you to come out here and show your stupid face.”

Paul did not appear.

“No? Where you at Logan? I know you're not back there hanging out, because there is a locker room full of guys who know that you don't belong here. We're here in Tampa, Florda, in an arena full of people who know that you don't belong here. And there is one man standing in the middle of this ring, Logan, who knows that you don't belong here. And hey, it's not because you aren't good, it's not because you haven't put in the work, because if you ask me, I think you have. And honestly, you are good, Logan, and some would even say special, some. But I am Ricochet and I am special every time I step into this ring every d**n week!” Ricochet told the 11.6 thousand fans in attendance.

“So Logan, no it's not because of your ability that we don't think you belong here. Simply put, it's because you're an arrogant little prick. You are a prick and you don't even respect anything that we do. I have given my life to this. We dedicate our lives to this; days, weeks, months, we go without seeing our families for a chance, a small chance that we actually get to fight or something bigger than ourselves. So no, Logan, you don't understand that, and you never will. So go ahead, Logan, show up when you want, leave when you want, do what you want, that's okay, because wherever you are, Logan, wherever you are in this arena, I'm here to say one thing: I'm here to challenge you for a match at SummerSlam. You go around running your mouth, Logan, talking about a fight, well, if it's a fight you want, Logan, then it's a fight you're going to-”

Fortunately for Ricochet – if you want to look at it that way – his prayers were finally answered, as Paul finally emerged from… somewhere to attack his in-ring rival and make his plans for SummerSlam crystal clear.

“Hey, hey, hey Ricochet, buddy, I accept your challenge for a match at SummerSlam!”

Now granted, Paul already declares that he plans to wrestle at SummerSlam on his podcast and even let it be known that he wants the first match on the show so he can attempt to fly from Detroit to Dallas to see his brother's boxing match, but hey, now the segment of the WWE Universe knows what the “Loganmaniacs” already did: Ricochet-Paul I is officially official for SummerSlam, and it's gonna be good.

Logan Paul wants Ricochet one more time before SummerSlam.

After taking a beating from Ricochet at the end of their RAW segment, Logan Paul tried his darndest to get out of the ring arena as quickly as possible, but not before Byron Saxton could catch up with him for a special WWE backstage segment.

“Did you see that?” Paul asked Saxton as he rushed out of the arena. “That was unprofessional as h*ll, alright? And do you know what? I found it inappropriate and quite frankly, I feel victimized. But none of that matters, okay, because next Monday, I'm coming to Houston on RAW, and I'm coming for Ricochet, and I'm going to pop his stupid, bald head.”

Now, for fans out of the know, this has sort of been Paul's MO over the past few weeks, suggesting that Ricochet is being unprofessional for things like their Spanish Fly spot at Money in the Bank or for hitting him with a Sliced Bread on RAW despite taking a swing at the “One and Only” just moments earlier. While some of Ricochet's decisions could be called into question, specifically that Spanish Fly, there's an old adage that goes, ‘If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen,' and at this point, Paul has thrown pretty much everything but the kitchen sink at the former Intercontinental Champion and yet time after time, he looks like a fool in the end. Will his luck turn out better at SummerSlam? Only time, as they say, will tell.