After securing her first-ever wrestling win in a match against Valhalla on Monday Night RAW, Chad Gable and Otis had seemingly seen enough of the former Maximum Male Models leader and were ready to graduate Maxxine Dupri from the Alpha Academy.

Taking the ring to “Pomp & Circumstance” while decked out in graduation ropes for a very special segment of RAW, Gable called Dupri to the ring and asked her to deliver a speech to her adoring fans.

“Wow, thank you coach Gable. You know when I first met you, I thought you were nothing more than a hideous, disgusting little troll but then I realized that I was wrong about you; you are so much more than that. You’re a great mentor, a good teacher, and dare I say, a wonderful friend. Well, thanks to your training, I was able to defeat that little witch Vallhala and win my very first match ever right here on Monday Night RAW,” Maxxine Dupri said to the cheering crowd.

“And I also have to give thanks to this beautiful hunk of beet Otis. You are my twin flame, my muse, my rock, and if it wasn’t for this sext little body catching my eye, none of this would have been possible. And lastly, to the WWE Universe, thank you so much for accepting me. Thank you for helping me become a star and us three, we are just getting started. And this star is going to sparkle, thank you!”

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Unfortunately, for Maxxine, her ceremony was short-lived, as just as Gable and Otis were readying to give Dupri the ultimate honor available to a member of the Alpha Academy, a monogrammed letterman jacket, that “witch” Valhalla – Dupri's words, not mine – snuck into the ring and laid her former in-ring foe out, steaking the jacket and placing it in the hands of the Viking Raiders, a group noted for their love of pillaging. Will Dupri eventually get her jacket back and a receipt on Valhalla? Most likely so, but until that day comes, the trio will do everything in their power to get their namesake jacket back.

Maxxine Dupri is grateful to be working with the Alpha Academy.

Now that Maxxine Dupri has officially become a member of the Alpha Academy after graduating from Master Gable's proverbial dojo, it looks like the faction will be operating as a trio indefinitely, something that certainly won't bother the former NXT valet one bit, as, according to her conversation with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, teaming up with AA has been incredible for her career development.

“So much. I mean first of all, I think this is giving me a really cool inside look into technical wrestling, and I think it’s, in the long run, going to make me so dangerous in the ring. So I’m really just absorbing every single thing they teach me,” Dupri said via Fightful.

“On top of that, working with them, getting to do promos, backstages, just getting to pick their brains on things, even just being backstage, I really feel like they have a really great approach to everything they do, and I just like to take notes. I just feel like in this business, there are so many personalities, so many talented people, and it’s like, okay, I like what that person’s does, I can take a note from that. I like that, I can take a note from that. So when I’m with them, I just try to absorb everything they do and how they handle situations, how they deliver things, and how they plan things. I like to see that and really be observant of everything so when my time comes, I’m ready.”

Asked about the prospects of actually wrestling for WWE instead of being a manager, Dupri was excited for the day to come, especially after learning the ropes from a former Olympian.

“I am really excited for when the time comes for me to really enter the women’s division,” Dupri said. “I think it’s gonna be really fun and exciting to work with some of the most talented people in the world. I’m loving what I’m doing, but I’m excited for when that day comes.”

Well, Miss Dupri, it's safe to say the day lived up to your wildest dreams, as securing a win over Valhalla, even if it only featured a few minutes of actual in-ring efforts, was one for the record books and proved that at some point in the future, maybe Gable and Otis will be the managers for Maxxine, not the other way around.