When news broke that Brock Lesnar was going to wrestle Omos at WrestleMania 39, it left fans feeling a certain kind of way.

Sure, Omos is a big dude who makes Lesnar look downright normal by comparison, but for the fans who wanted nothing more than to see GUNTHER lock horns with “The Beast Incarnate” in the super heavyweight-iest championship match of the year for the Intercontinental Title, the biggest supporter of which being “The Ring General” himself, landing a match against a wrestler with a paltry Cagematch rating of 3.72 felt downright disappointing, as the match feels more about spectacle than sport.

On RAW, the third-to-last edition of the Monday night show before WrestleMania 39, Paul “Triple H” Levesque attempted to prove that size can be substance by having a face-to-face between the two men, with Omos walking down to the ring with MVP – who isn't a short man at 6-foot-3 – and Lesnar following close behind. Sharing the ring for what felt like a very long time, the two men didn't exchange words or sign any contracts for the match or anything of that sort. No, they just sort of… stood there, with Omos and Lesnar shaking hands before the former threw his soon-to-be opponent out of the ring like “The Beast” has done to so many other in-ring foes in the past.

Did this segment, which featured a ton of hype from the announcing team of Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves actually draw up excitement for the match? Or will the match draw meh reviews at WrestleMania, even if watching Lesnar hit Omos with an F5 will be a sight to see? Either way, this match is happening; better buckle up for Mania.