Bray Wyatt has been back in the WWE Universe for a little under a month, and yet, for fans of the third-generation Superstar, it’s like he never left; his segments are, like, insanely over, his reactions from every audience who has watched him appear have been second to none, and according to The Wrestling Observer, his merch sales have been darn good too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Though he’s yet to wrestle a match for the promotion since making his return at Extreme Rules and hasn’t wrestled a match since all the way back at WrestleMania 37, according to Cagematch, the fans don’t seem to mind and will certainly pay up when it comes time to see the second coming of the proprietor of the Firefly Funhouse in a right-proper match; even if that now simply means tuning into Peacock for a “Premium Live Event.”

Taking the ring for the third-straight week on SmackDown, Wyatt peeled back just a little bit more of the mystery surrounding his return to WWE, before watching his promo get interrupted yet again; only this time, the horrific masked figure who has been making things uncomfortable for the third-generation star had a bit more to say on the subjects of Bray, The Fiend, and WWE as a whole.

Bray Wyatt inadvertently introduced the WWE Universe to his Uncle Howdy.

Speaking to a ruckus St. Louis crowd eager to hang on his every word, Wyatt discussed what brought him back to WWE, back into the ring, and back in front of the fans who wouldn’t let him leave the wrestling world no matter how hard he tried, as transcribed by

“This is still pretty new to me but I could get used to that, right? It’s like adrenaline, Oh my God,” Wyatt began. “I’m not gonna lie, when you start doing stuff like that I start to feel like I need to do something wild. But, I really wanted ya’ll to see something right? Something I’m really proud of here. I want ya’ll to notice something. It’s just me and ya’ll. There’s no mask I’m hiding behind. No smoke and mirrors. It’s just me and you.”

As the crowd cheered on their returning hero, Wyatt continued on.

“And that’s what I want ya’ll to get used to. This is Bray Wyatt, the real man,” Wyatt said. “This is the best version of me that will ever be. I am proud to be here today and I’m going to do some spectacular things while I’m here. The truth is that for the majority of my life I’ve been completely out of control, and I can’t help that man. My emotions they don’t work like most other peoples. I don’t have control, and sometimes they can send me to a very very dark place. And other times, no matter how hard I try, I just don’t feel anything at all.”

“I think that’s part of what makes me me, right? For me to get to where I’ve gotten, I’ve had to do some really horrible things, and there’s. Part of me really really likes that I don’t mind doing horrible things. And I know that that’s not the end of it. I know there will come another time when I’m faced with some adversity, and I will be asked to do something completely horrible.”

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Excluding the part at the end about being asked to do something “completely horrible,” that right there is a classic Babyface promo, accompanied by the sort of cheers from an adoring audience that practically jumps out of a television set. Unfortunately for Wyatt, he wasn’t allowed to elaborate on what that horrible deed might be, as for the second week in a row, the former Universal Champion was interrupted by a mysterious man on the Titantron.

“Who am I?” This odd-looking ghoul asked the audience. “I’m just a ghost of the man who sold the world of course. You are a fool. You killed the world. You sent him away. And now, now the reason why you are just a shell of who you once were. I will teach you to revel in what you are. But you sir, you are a liar. You claim not to wear a mask, but we both know that’s not true don’t we? You will never be able to hide from me. Your Uncle Howdy.”

Who exactly is Uncle Howdy? Only time will fully provide the answer, but it’s safe to say the WWE Universe will never be the same.