After watching Triple H share a moment with Cody Rhodes in the opening moments of RAW, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to interrupt the “American Nightmare's” oral sessions with his people to let him know that just because his business is finished with Roman Reigns doesn't mean he's done with The Bloodline, you know, when the crowd actually allowed the “Final Boss” to speak.

Running through the usual beats of this sort of promo, something shiny caught The Rock's eye, namely the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship that was once held by his cousin, the “Tribal Chief.” With the crowd hanging on his every word, with the crowd booing anything they didn't like, Rhodes asked the fans for one thing and one thing only: a chance to hold his title.

“But Cody, let The Rock as you something, is there any way that The Rock can hold that title? No fireworks tonight, no harm, I grew up in pro wrestling just like you did, I love pro wrestling titles,” The Rock told the RAW crowd. “I've held every single one of them in these hands, but I never held that one.”

“You wanna hold this one?” Rhodes asked “You can hold this one, for a moment, but only if I can hold yours.”

“Sure, of course, absolutely, I'd be honored if you held the People's Champion title, absolutely,” Rock said. “I gotta say, that this just kind of feels right. Thank you, Cody, thank you very much for that, that means a lot, but Cody Rhodes, as you know and as many of you know, The Rock, he's got to go away for a little while. I know, I know. Trust The Rock, The Rock doesn't want to leave either. The Rock loves professional wrestling. The Rock made it cool again. You made it cool again. But just remember: The Rock is gonna go away, but when The Rock comes back, Cody, whether you're champion or not champion, The Rock is gonna come back, for you.”

“I'm looking forward to it,” Rhodes responded.

With The Smashing Machine slated to begin filming this spring, The Rock is going to be away from WWE for months as he dips his toe into the auteur's world of A24 filmmaking alongside Benny Safdie. Still, that doesn't mean he can't sew some seeds for the future, as, much like Reigns before him, this Bloodline member doesn't need to show up weekly to get fans excited for a massive matchup.

The Rock is ready to start Cody Rhodes' next story.

With the crowd suddenly very interested in what The Rock had to say, he continued his speech, letting Cody Rhodes know that while he technically got the biggest pin of the weekend at WrestleMania 40, the night before, it was “The People's Champion” who pinned the “American Nightmare.”

“The Rock is looking forward to it, too,” The Rock noted. “The world is gonna look forward to that. Also one more thing I want you to know, and something very critical. Yesterday, Cody Rhodes at the biggest WrestleMania of all time. Man, you beat Roman Reigns right in the middle of the ring. 1-2-3. However, less than 24 hours before that, The Rock beat you in the middle of the ring. 1-2-3. So Cody Rhodes, your story with Roman Reigns is over, and you did it. But our story has just begun”

“I believe that cuz, you're the Boss, right?” Cody Rhodes responded. “You're the ‘Final Boss,' but you're also on the board with TKO. You're my literal boss, right? Well, I don't dispute that, but I don't think you'll dispute this: I'm the champion. I am their champion. And boss, that means I'm your champion.”

“You are their champion. You are the world's champion. You are my champion,” The Rock acknowledged. “Cody Rhodes, there's one last thing before the ‘Final Boss' rides off into the sunset. I have something to give you. No fireworks. You don't even have to open your hand to know what this is. Don't you ever break my heart again. If you smell what the ‘Final Boss' is cooking.”

Whoa, what did Rocky give to Rhodes? Well, despite having plenty of time to show fans the exchange or at least have someone like Cathy Kelley ask him about it, that was the last fans got to see of either man before RAW went off the air. Still, it's safe to say the groundwork has been set, and at some point in the future, be it WrestleMania 41 or a Premium Live Event before then, it's safe to say The Rock and Rhodes will be afforded a chance to work a match to a definitive ending without having to worry about tag ropes.