When Bron Breakker decided to seemingly go rogue and invite Seth Rollins down to NXT to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it sent more than a few fans wondering if the second-generation Steiner had lost his marbles.

Now first and foremost, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is supposed to belong to the RAW brand, a point Paul “Triple H” Levesque belabored after Roman Reigns was drafted onto RAW with the first pick in the 2023 WWE Draft. Then there's the matter of taking the top performer on RAW, arguably a top-3 performer in WWE, period, and sending him down to developmental, and how that may be perceived as devaluing the title, a problem the belt has already begun experiencing despite being less than a month old.

And yet, in the mind of WWE, specifically of CEO Nick Khan, sending Rollins back to NXT – if it happens – is not so much about what it would do to “The Visionary's” career but how it could help the developmental brand ahead of their next media rights deal moving forward, as Dave Meltzer pointed out on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Actually, it is, yeah. I mean the deal is, that this is a Nick Khan thing you know bring…like they had Dana Brooke, which is no big deal but still. Corbin, bring more main roster stars to NXT every week, boost the ratings, and try to boost the price for a renewal from USA Network because the ratings are higher,” Meltzer said via Wrestling News.

“So that's the strategy that they're going with. That's why you're going to be seeing more main roster stars and he said it a couple of weeks ago that the plan is to put more main roster stars on NXT and make it a third brand and not a developmental brand. Which is funny because [Paul “Triple H” Leveque] wanted to be a third brand and they nixed him and made it a developmental brand. But that's not a surprise. Things like they say in WWE, if there's a new rule and it's stupid, don't worry because it's all going to change. If there's a new thing that's good, don't worry because it's all going to change anyway and that's just the nature of the beast there.”

Would plenty of WWE fans tune in to see Rollins wrestle Breakker on NXT? Sure, but sending main roster performers to developmental isn't an automatic ratings grab, as the brand's most recent show, which promised appearances from Mustafa Ali and Baron Corbin, only saw an increase in viewership of  7,000, 607,000 to 615,000, or a 1.32 percent increase according to Fightful. If Rollins can pop a million in viewership numbers, then go for it, but it's hard to imagine him bringing in that many performers week in and week out.

Seth Rollins would like to “beat the h*ll” out of this WWE Superstar.

While the jury's still out on whether or not Seth Rollins will actually take his talents down to NXT for a match with Bron Breakker, one performer  “The Visionary” would really like to wrestle at Money in the Bank is none other than Dominik Mysterio, who he would like to “beat the h*ll out of” at some point in the future.

“Oh my god, there’s so many people. The Raw roster is so stacked right now,” Rollins said on My Love Letter To Wrestling via Fightful. “We’ve got guys like Cody, you’ve got Kevin, you’ve got Sami. We’ve got, I think Drew McIntyre on the injured list at the moment right now. You’ve got Bronson Reed, Shinsuke Nakamura, the entire Judgment Day. You’ve got all four of them that are just rocking right now. I would love to beat the h*ll out of Dominik Mysterio in front of a rowdy London crowd. I think there’s lots of options on the table, so we’ll see what happens and where it all shakes out, but I think, right now, the thing I’m most excited for is just to go out there and listen to the fine folks sing my song. That’s really what gets me off these days.”

Whoa, Rollins versus Dominik Mysterio at Money in the Bank? While I must admit, that wouldn't do much to help with the whole “making the title feel valuable” thing, it would make for a pretty incredible optic and lead fans to celebrate “The Visionary's” win to a degree that might make his reception in France look like a half-full house show. If WWE wants a monster pop, give Dom his second solo loss on a “Premium Live Event” this year and yet another public spanking at the hands of a multi-time United States Champion.