After missing most of April, all of May, and the first two RAWs of June, Seth Rollins triumphantly returned to WWE television on the fallout episode of the Red Brand following a very consequential Clash at the Castle. The “Visionary” had a lot to talk about with his adoring audience, from his recovery process to the state of WWE, and even what he has planned for the future.

Goal numero uno for the man formerly known as the “Monday Night Messiah?” Well that would be getting back the belt he made famous over much of the last year: the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Now, on paper, this is a pretty good plan for Rollins, Priest, and the rest of the WWE Universe, as even after a few weeks off, the “Revolutionary” remains one of the most credible contenders around, and a win over him would make “El Champion” look all the more legit heading into a SummerSlam match against the “King General,” Gunther, especially if he can secure the W cleanly without the interference of Judgment Day, CM Punk, or any of the other peripheral performers WWE has been using to keep his title reign alive.

But how would WWE justify a rematch between the two, only this time, with the belt on the other shoulder? Would Rollins have to win Money in the Bank in order to go on another run with the green briefcase? Or would the promotion opt to roll out the red carpet for the first-ballot Hall of Famer, putting him at the front of the line much like how AJ Styles earned another shot at Cody Rhodes' WWE Championship at Clash at the Castle despite losing at King and Queen of the Ring? Well, as it turns out, the answer was simple, really, Priest just sort of marched out to the ring and offered it up to the “Visionary,” letting it be known that he has serious respect for the first World Heavyweight Champion and would be honored to test his mettle against the once and almost surely future champ.

Convenient? You bet, but do you know what? It also makes plenty of sense, as world championships are often defended on gimmicky Premium Live Events like Money in the Bank, and this is a very good match to fill out a show typically most noteworthy for its ladder matches.

Could Rollins ultimately win the belt at Money in the Bank? No, probably not… unless WWE wants to make “El Champion” into the “Señor Money in the Bank Dos” on the very same show Austin Theory-style in order to make things incredibly interesting for everyone involved. Saddle up, folks; this has the potential to be very interesting indeed.

Seth Rollins updates fans on his absence from WWE.

Before Seth Rollins and Damian Priest mixed it up on the mic at the top of the show, the former welcomed fans to Monday Night Rollins and let them know why he returned, which, unsurprisingly enough, is opportunity motivated.

“Hey, I missed you guys too, man. Thank you very much. Now I'm going to cut to the chance since I figured you guys don't want to sing all night anyway: I'm back for one reason. I've seen them all, I've faced them all, I beat them all, I've done it all, but I got into this business not just to be one of the best. I got into this business to be the very best of all time! And I can't do that without getting back the championship that I made: the World Heavyweight Championship,” Seth Rollins told the crowd in Corpus Christi.

“Now, Money in the Bank is only a few short weeks away, I know how to climb a ladder pretty well, I am quite familiar with the Money in the Bank briefcase, and I figure it is the fastest way for me to get back in the mix for a shot.”

When Rollins lost the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40 to Drew McIntyre, it felt like he'd be out of action for sometimes in the hopes that he would heal up the cornucopia of injuries that have left him wrestling matches at a fraction of his full potential. If Rollins has accomplished that prerequisite, then why not head to Canada next month to wrestle for it at Money in the Bank, as even if he ultimately drops the match, it wouldn't impact his status in WWE one bit, especially if the Judgment Day, Imperium, CM Punk, or Drew McIntyre decided to interfere with the match one way or another?