After being called out on social media and on SmackDown over a pair of promos that added up to darn near an hour when all added up by The Rock and his new Bloodline brethren, Cody Rhodes invited Seth Rollins out on RAW to address being called a clown by “The Great One.”

Asked by the “American Nightmare” if he still wants to stand by his side, considering Drew McIntyre is breathing down his neck, Rollins responded yes, reminding Rhodes that to him, some things are more important than being perfectly rested for a title match.

“I'll take care of Drew McIntyre, alright? I told Drew last week, I told you, I told the entire world, there are some things bigger than us and taking down The Bloodline is the biggest thing that we can do,” Seth Rollins announced to a cheering RAW crowd. Because it's not just your story that needs to be finished at WrestleMania, Cody, it's my story too.

“Ten years ago, Roman Reigns and I, we came in here together, we wanted to take the power from the top. I wanted to take the power and give it back to the people. Roman Reigns wants to keep all of the power for himself. And here's the problem, we're this close, because with The Rock in The Bloodline, we are this close to Roman Reigns having absolute power.”

With his allegiance confirmed, Rollins then turned his attention to The Rock, a man who may be going by a very different moniker moving forward straight out of the gutter… toilet bowl.

Seth Rollins is heading to SmackDown Friday better than ever. 

Turning his attention to The Rock, Seth Rollins took issue with his “The People's Champion” moniker, suggesting he needs a nickname more representative of his current way of conducting business.

“And The Rock, man, I don't know about you guys, I think I know how you feel about The Rock, but I'm kinda over The Rock San Antonio. Yeah, yea, yeah, yeah, Rocky does suck and look, he ain't been The Rock for a long time, he d**n sure hasn't been ‘The People's Champion' for a long time, so you know what? I think I'm just not going to call him these things anymore. I was thinking about it over the last week, I figured I'd come up with a new name for The Rock, so let me try this one on for size, I think I'm going to call The Rock… how about Diarrhea Dwayne? That Diarrhea Dwayne, he's been running his mouth, and every single thing that comes out of his mouth has the consistency of wet baby poop,” Seth Rollins colorfully claimed.

“Now The Rock gets on Instagram for 21 minutes, are you serious? And this guy has the gall to get on there, insult your dog, and he says he can make the World Heavyweight Championship go away? He says with a snap of his fingers because he's my boss he can make it go away. Well Rock, I dare you to try. And get this guys, I don't know if you heard him because 21 minutes is a long time to listen to that idiot, but he said he made professional wrestling cool again. Oh yeah, The Rock, The Rock, our savior guys, he saved us, he made it cool. Diarrhea Dwayne, I don't know if you know this or not, but you ain't been cool in 20 years, pal.

“But I'll tell you what is cool, this morning, I received 100 percent medical clearance, I am back, I am ready to go, and so this Friday, I will be at SmackDown to confront The Bloodline.”

Will “Diarrhea Dwayne” actually stick with the WWE Universe? Frankly, it's impossible to say, fans latch on to weird stuff and if they start chanting Diarrhea Dwayne instead of “Die Rocky Die,” it will lead to far fewer blackouts on SmackDown the next time the former champion steps into the ring. Still, the really important segment of the promo came when Rollins declared himself medically cleared, opening the door for a warmup match and some added physicality on SmackDown should the situation demand it. Needless to say, after being questionable to even wrestle at Mania, period, when he was injured at the hands of Jinder Mahal back in January, getting Rollins back and healthy enough to garner a 100 percent clearance from WWE's doctors is fantastic news for everyone but The Bloodline, who now have to deal with a much more formidable “Visionary” in April.