The Boston Celtics currently find themselves at +150 to win the series against the Philadelphia 76ers. A bet on the Celtics might be considered fool's gold right now, especially given how they looked in Game 5. The Sixers dominated from start to finish, led by a trio of solid performances from James Harden, Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. Harden had 17 points and 10 assists, Embiid had 33 points and 7 rebounds, while Maxey poured in 30 points and also had 7 rebounds. Over the course of Game 5, the Celtics had no answers for the Sixers offense. In turn, they now find themselves down 3-2 and on the brink of elimination going into Game 6. However, a bet on the Celtics and Jayson Tatum to win the series at +150 is not all that ridiculous as it sounds.

Going into this series, the Celtics were the clear favorites to win, and the favorites to make it out of the Eastern Conference Finals into the NBA Finals. The team that was tagged as favorites is still within the Celtics, they just have to dig deep and win two straight games. They are arguably better than the Boston squad that made it to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, and thus have the pieces to make it back. Albeit being underdogs, taking Boston to win this series would still be a sharp play at +150. Here are three reasons why you must bet on the Celtics and Jayson Tatum to win this series over the Sixers regardless of their 3-2 deficit.

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Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown is cooking

Jaylen Brown has been playing well even in the Celtics' losses in this series. Over the first five games, Brown is shooting 57.1% and scoring at a clip of 23.6 points per game. However, he is only averaging 15.4 shots per game, five less than his 20.6 per game in the regular season. This is also a primary reason his scoring has dipped from 26.6 points per game that he posted during the regular season. There is no doubt the Celtics are aware of this discrepancy, and after having such a good regular season, it can be an easy attribution to why they are down 3-2. Jaylen Brown is going to put up at least 20 shots in both Game 6 and Game 7, and the results will be two Celtics wins.

Brown was vocal about his desire for more touches after the Game 4 loss to the Sixers, but it still only culminated in 16 shot attempts in Game 5 versus Jayson Tatum's 27 shot attempts. This is by no means a slight to Tatum, but he and Brown need to have more equal shot distribution for the Celtics to be successful. Not to mention, Brown is shooting at a much higher clip than Tatum in this series, so it would simply be wise to give him more opportunities. Expect this to be the case in the rest of the series, and use it as a big reason to bet the Celtics +150 line to advance passed the Sixers.

Philadelphia 76ers' James Harden's inconsistency

James Harden has had a really good series for the Sixers, pretty much giving them all they could have asked for. He had another good game in Game 5 and is a key reason why the Sixers have a 3-2 lead. However, he has also posted two duds in this series in the two games that the Sixers lost. Harden is due for a weaker performance, and it will come in Game 6 in Philadelphia. The Celtics will take advantage with a victory, and being home for Game 7 will put them over the top.

Harden changed his style of play ever since coming to Philadelphia to benefit Joel Embiid. It has proven advantageous, especially if the Sixers move on to the Eastern Conference Finals. However, Harden has shown that he needs to be an elite scorer for the Sixers to win multiple games, as he did in Game 1 and Game 4. The Celtics are a smart bet at +150 because Harden will not be able to replicate these performances for the rest of the series, and the Sixers will need them desperately. Expect Harden to struggle and the Celtics to come out on top in Game 6 and Game 7.

Jayson Tatum's moment

Ever since losing the NBA Finals last year, it has been well documented how determined Jayson Tatum has been to make it back and bring home a ring to bean town. With the Celtics on thin ice, it is now or never for Tatum to put his money where his mouth is and propel the Celtics forward. In a moment where Tatum can prove he is becoming the winner he wants to be, he will pull the Celtics out from under a 3-2 deficit and win this series. With Tatum in mind, the Celtics are a must bet at +150.

Tatum has certainly had his struggles in this matchup, but that is all in the past with two games left to save the season. The urgency of the current moment will cause him to elevate his game and bring a greater focus that we haven't seen from him yet in the 2023 NBA Playoffs. The blueprint is there for the Celtics to make a run at the 2023 NBA Finals, and it is too soon for Tatum to give up. Bet the Celtics, as Jayson Tatum is not going to let them lose.